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Here's How The Nissan Z Sounds Under Load

Two YouTubers came across a pre-production Nissan Z, and got to hear how it sounds setting off

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Nissan - Here's How The Nissan Z Sounds Under Load - News

The Nissan Z is getting closer; it won’t be long before the new Toyota Supra rival hits the road. We already know that it’ll look pretty much identical to the Z Proto, that it’s propelled by a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 pushing out 395bhp and that it’ll cost around $40,000 in base Sport trim.

Now, we know how it sounds. The guys behind the Burnt Rubber YouTube channel spotted a Z test mule in Sacramento, California, and managed to persuade the driver to launch the car on camera. This’ll do us until the next Z update, at least.

As you’d probably guessed, it’s a treat for your ears. It’s quite a soulful noise, although the near-instant gear changes give away that this prototype is equipped with the optional nine-speed manual.

A six-speed manual is also available, and it’s the one we’d most likely pick. We’ll take a go in either, to be honest. The Z might have the same power output as the new Audi RS 3, but it’s only rear-wheel drive rather than all-wheel drive. Even on dry asphalt, the Z initially struggles for traction, before the driver aids presumably kick in.

Nissan - Here's How The Nissan Z Sounds Under Load - News

Even this test car - could you tell by the janky looks? - accelerates quickly, even if it probably isn’t a full-throttle, sub-five-second 0-60mph run.

Reportedly, the YouTubers stumbled across the Z street-parked. The driver, a Nissan engineer, was on a break at the time, so it’s lucky that they met. It’s even more fortunate that the driver was happy to show off the Z.

Nissan - Here's How The Nissan Z Sounds Under Load - News

We’re told that the Burnt Rubber folks were driving an Infiniti Q60 and Nissan GT-R, so that may have had something to do with it. The Z actually shares its VR30DDTT engine with the Q60, and, to some extent, its soundtrack.

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