Hell Hath No Fury Like This V10 Toyota GR Supra Topping 10,000rpm

Ryan Tuerck's Judd V10-engined 'Formula Supra' can now be seen (and more importantly heard) hitting its upper reaches in new dyno footage
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It’s been a wild ride following the progress of Ryan Tuerck’s bonkers ‘Formula Supra’. The car is now finished, making its debut at the SEMA show last week, but there’s one more thing we’ve been waiting for - to hear the Toyota GR Supra‘s transplanted Judd V10 working away in anger.

It was bench tested a while back, but this is the first time we’re witnessing the 10-pot being put through its paces in situ. And my word is it a treat. The engine was spun up beyond 10,000rpm during this dyno run, in the process making about 640whp, which should work out over 700bhp at the crank.

Hell Hath No Fury Like This V10 Toyota GR Supra Topping 10,000rpm

Formula Drift ace Tuerck is understandably chuffed by the run, likening the soundtrack to that of an old F1 car. And this engine does have Formula 1 blood - although the ‘GV4’ unit chosen for the job is designed for sports car racing, iterations of the Judd V10 have powered various F1 cars from over the years. The engine is made by Engine Developments, a concern founded by John Judd and Sir Jack Brabham back in the 1970s.

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The B58 BMW inline-six this V10 replaces is far from the only stock GR Supra part ditched during the project. Little of the original car remains other than the shell, and that lost its front and rear ends. There’s a reworked front subframe, a fresh chassis with significantly wider tracks and drastically increased steering angle for drifty goodness and a carbon fibre body kit.

There are a few minor issues to iron out, but the car looks to be pretty much ready to hit the track and get sliding.


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