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CCTV Footage Shows Driver Jumping Rising Drawbridge

A Hyundai Santa Fe driver was filmed smashing through a barrier and jumping a rising bridge in Daytona Beach

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Dramatic CCTV footage at a drawbridge in Florida depicts a Hyundai Sante Fe driver’s moment of extreme impatience. On Monday morning they blew past red lights and smashed through both barriers of the Main Street bridge in Daytona Beach, jumping over the middle section as it rose.

Admittedly it’s not quite as dramatic as that famous scene from the Blues Brothers, or more recently, the bit from 2 Fast 2 Furious with the shonky early 2000s CGI, but it was still an extraordinarily dangerous move. Had it been a few seconds later, there could have been one hell of a crash.

CCTV Footage Shows Driver Jumping Rising Drawbridge - News

As it was, the Sante Fe didn’t emerge unscathed, with the windscreen thoroughly demolished by the barriers. According to 7 News Miami, police reckon they’ve identified the driver, who’s unsurprisingly now facing charges.

The authorities haven’t offered up any suggestions as to the motive for the impromptu stunt work. Interestingly, the car’s bonnet looked to be ajar and possibly damaged before the barrier impact.

The wildest thing about this whole story? Someone else jumped this same bridge as it rose just a few weeks ago on a motorcycle during the local ‘Bike Week’. Oh, and they were carrying a pillion passenger too.