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Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio And More Included In NFS Payback June Update

New cars and better modification options are among the additions featured in the June update

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Featured image via Blackpanthaa/YouTube
Featured image via Blackpanthaa/YouTube

Just in time for the summer, Need For Speed has found a way to keep you inside playing Payback. The June update is now out, and it could be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re after some fresh gameplay. It features a select few new cars, slightly enhanced modification and a few so-called quality-of-life changes designed to make your Payback experience as good as possible.

The cars are all DLC models, meaning you’ll have to spend actual physical money on them. You’ll be able to buy the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and the 2018 MY Range Rover Sport SVR. Y’know the world must be going crazy for SUVs when they’re available on Need For Speed. The cars cost $2.49 (approx. £1.88) individually, or you can bundle ‘em all together and pay $3.99 (£3).

There are some free ones that are part of the upgrade too. They’re not new models, but the ten boss rides featured in the Payback storyline. A new one will be added once a week, so you’d better scour the map on a regular basis if you want to find them and make them your own.

Once you’ve got your new car (or the one you’ve been racing with for ages), you’ll have more modifying options to explore as well. All cars now have a max of 399 (some could only go to 299 before) and there are twice as many design slots available, up to 100 now. If you keep your alloys looking Instagram-worthy, you’ll love the 24 new wheel designs – eight each from Fifteen52, 3DSM and perennial NFS favourite, HRE.

Just like those weird Toyota concept cars from circa 2002, you can select an emote to display above your car. Other improvements include being able to turn the user interface (UI) off if you want – perfect if you’re looking for a cruise – and there’s now a Quick Race option on AllDrive. Simply pick a destination, and beat all your mates to the finish.

Are these the right improvements for Need For Speed Payback, or would you like to see anything else? Type some words into the comments section below.