Why the 2017 Yaris Sport isn't the most powerful factory Yaris ever.

The recently unveiled supercharged Yaris made a lot of Petrolheads and Toyota fans go crazy.
But what if I told you that the new Yaris Sport ain’t the most powerful Yaris ever to buy from your Toyota dealer?

Toyota Switzerland once had a pretty interesting deal with a swiss tuning company called Bemani Motorsport. But the Yaris TS wasn’t the only limited edition collab they had. They also offered tuned up versions of other models as listed here:

Toyota Auris(bump from 147hp to 244hp)
Toyota Avensis (bump from 147hp to 240 or 250 with the 2.0l Engine)
Toyota Corolla TS (bump from 192hp to 271hp)
Toyota Verso (bump from 147 to 240hp)

Toyota Yaris 1.8 TS Kompressor

The Yaris got a bump in power from 133hp to 215hp, and an increase in toque to 270nm at 4800rpm, which made it the most powerful Yaris ever to be sold from Toyota.

Visually they didn’t change a lot. It looked like your regular 133hp Yaris T-Sport. But if you have a close look, you could spot the intercooler behind the lower front grill, aswell as the dual exhaust instead of the regular single exit exhaust.

The Yaris TS Kompressor was launched in 2009 and was available for around 30’000 CHF.

Couple years later they launched the Auris Kompressor K2, which was a limited edition Auris that came with a supercharged version of the 1.8, producing 244hp. It was the ideal Golf GTI hunter, because nobody expects 240hp in an Auris, right?

Visually they kept it simple too. They gave the Auris slightly different front and rear bumpers, a dual exhaust, slightly tinted rear windows and special alloy wheels. Side skirts and DRL’s were optional.
Inside the Auris Kompressor K2 came standart with leather alcantara seats and a navigation system. Toyota promoted the car to have the best fuel consumption in it’s class with just 6.7l/100km (35mpg).

The Auris was actually presented on the Geneva Motorshow, but was only available in switzerland.
The Kompressor K2 was also the last collab between Bemani Motorsport and Toyota Switzerland.

So hopefully each of you learned something new today. And let’s hope that Toyota will keep bringing powerful and sporty models in the future, to keep us petrolheads entertained.

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Quinn Kirlew


02/26/2017 - 21:22 |
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A Toyota Yaris YRS Sedan 1.5L 4 Cylinder VVTi 4spd Automatic

And I thought that I new heaps about the Yaris! ha ha! but seriously great article, I honestly didn’t know about those cool little Switzerland Yaris

02/27/2017 - 06:12 |
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No hate on Switzerland, but how did these amazing cars come out of THAT country?

02/27/2017 - 14:05 |
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Dragonslayer182 (Yaris Fanboy)

I just want a fast sedan version

02/27/2017 - 17:08 |
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