Here's everything the TDUSC Head to Head trailer has revealed to us

So yesterday, after a long 9-month wait, the first proper trailer for the long-awaited new game in the Test Drive series, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, has finally been showed to us.
Despite only being a 1-minute long cinematic trailer, with no in-engine footage to be seen, it actually revealed quite a lot of new information about the game:

• New confirmed car brands are Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and, presumably, Nissan. Previously confirmed manufacturers include Apollo, Bugatti, Dodge, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini and Porsche.

• Each car will have its own unique key fob. Talk about attention to detail!

• The trailer hints at the possibility of customising your house’s interior, like in TDU2.

• Car customisation is back, presumably in the form of a wrap editor (like in V-Rally 4 and the upcoming WRC 10)

• In the garage, a car charging station can be seen, thus confirming that hybrid and electric cars will be in the game.

• Another thing the trailer may be giving us a hint at, is being able to customise our car’s license plate. That’s something that wasn’t possible in the previous games.

• The Casino is back! And from the looks of it, it’ll be a big part of the game, maybe bigger than it was in TDU2! It makes sense, since everyone loved it back in the day.

Avatar customisation is also back, and better than ever!

• You can bet your car in a race!

• The game will be available for pretty much every platform currently available: PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store) PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and, surprisingly, even for the Nintendo Switch.

And that wraps it up! More info will be revealed in July.

Now, it’s time for some of my own personal considerations:

• After seeing the black license plates showed in the trailer, some people have begun speculating that the game might be set on the British island of Guernsey. I personally don’t think that’s the case, for two simple reasons:

- For one, the game’s Steam page tells us that the game will take place on a vast and vibrant island, and Guernsey is the exact opposite of that.

- Secondly, both cars seen in the trailer are left-hand-drive, thus ruling out any island where traffic drives on the left side of the road.

I personally believe, like most of the TDU communty, that TDUSC will take place on Tenerife instead, which meets all of the TDU criteria.

• Speaking of the license plates, i believe the black plates showed in the trailer are 100% fictional, and don’t belong to any real-life country (otherwise, why would they have the Solar Crown logo on them?). They were probably made just for the game. However, since the trailer hints at customisable license plates, it’s possible that KT will let us choose from different plate types, including the black ones seen in the trailer. Imagine putting a French plate on your Alpine A110 or an Italian plate on your new Lamborghini, it would be pretty cool, huh?

• Talking once again about the plates, it’s likely that they have an hidden meaning. The DB11’s plate reads ‘0222 N’, which could translate to either November 2, 2022, February 2022 (with the N presumably standing for Nacon) or Q2 2022. Are they giving us a hint to the game’s possible release date? We’ll see.
The SVR’s plate likely has an hidden meaning to it too, but so far, no one has been able to figure it out.

• Finally, the SVR and the DB11 are seen parked in the #31 and #07 spots, respectively. Combining those numbers, you get 31/07, July 31. Did Nacon just tell us the exact day when we’ll get more news about the game? Considering the trailer says ‘Next chapter: July 2021’ at the end, i’d say the chances are pretty high

There’s still a lot that we don’t know about this game, but everything will soon be revealed to us. The key is being patient. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is Nacon and KT Racing’s biggest and most ambitious project ever, and i wish them the best of luck.



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