You’ll Probably Hate These New BMW M2 Performance Parts

BMW has unveiled new M Performance pieces for the new M2, and you’ll either love them or (most likely) hate them

Earlier this week, the new BMW M2 was revealed, and it’s safe to say that its design has been somewhat divisive. However, the German manufacturer has raised the bar in terms of questionable design with the new M2’s Performance Parts.

The ‘upgrades’ are certainly eye-catching, but not necessarily for all the right reasons. The new M2 already received a considerably more aggressive design than the previous version, but when the M Performance parts are fitted, the questionable looks are dialled up to 11.

You’ll Probably Hate These New BMW M2 Performance Parts

The front end features a new front splitter with fins to the side of the car’s squared-off vents. The side air intakes have been given new diagonal strakes in contrast to the original horizontal ones, and the M2’s nose looks much blockier as a result. It’s not awful, but surely the folks at BMW M could have come up with something more cohesive.

Things are even more controversial if you look at the car’s side profile, where the L-shaped black side skirts are pretty difficult to miss. You’ll also find new black strakes behind the front and rear wheel arches as well as blacked-out mirror caps. It’s safe to say these look like a bit of a DIY job using cheap parts from Amazon after watching too many Porsche 911 GT3 RS videos.

You’ll Probably Hate These New BMW M2 Performance Parts

Things get worse at the rear end, where new black panels surround the vertical reflectors, and black elements extend towards the rear wheels. Two rear spoilers have been attached – one above the car’s sloping rear window, and another above the existing ducktail. However, the elephant in the room is the centrally-mounted quad exhaust tips, which aren’t to our taste whatsoever.

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You’ll Probably Hate These New BMW M2 Performance Parts

BMW M is yet to announce pricing for the M Performance pieces, but with prices for the new M2 starting at £61,495 (around $69,000), don’t expect these extras to come cheap. Thankfully, the add-ons are completely optional – we’d probably pass on them if you couldn’t already tell.

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