You Know What Grinds My Gears? Incorrect Engine Sounds In Films (Part II)

When I had a rant about filmmakers using the wrong engine sounds, you guys came up with more great examples, so here they are!


Last month I had a good rant about the wrong engine sounds being used for cars in films, citing a few examples. I expected to be labelled as massively pedantic, but it turns out many of you guys get just as annoyed, and came up with some great film gaffes of your own.

We decided to take your suggestions and follow up with this second volume.

Thanks to Lamine, Dean, John and Astro for the suggestions!

Pulp Fiction - NSX

As far as I and many others are concerned, Pulp Fiction is a fantastic film, and an all-time classic. Apart from this bit, where a V6 Honda/Acura NSX sounds weirdly like it has some sort of LS V8.

Abduction - BMW E90 M3

Unlike Pulp Fiction, Abduction is not a good film. The exact opposite, in fact. To make matters worse, it has this scene, where a V8 BMW M3 is given the V10 sound of an M5.

Yes Man - Ducati Hypermotard

Just like in Kick Ass 2, this is yet another instance of a V-twin Ducati being dubbed over with a stereotypical, high-revving four-pot bike noise.

Tomorrow Never Dies - BMW 750i

In this Bond flick, Q hands our hero the keys to what he says is a BMW 750i. The man's clearly telling fibs, as it's later heard to have the sound of a V8, not a V12.

2 Fast 2 Furious - Mitsubishi Eclipse

A repeat offender in the comments was the Fast and Furious franchise. Films in the series are known for playing it fast and loose with reality, as evidenced by this Mitsubishi Eclipse, which sounds an awful lot like it has a boxer-four pinched from a Subaru.


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