Watch A Mazda MX-5 Driver Charge Through A Snowstorm With The Top Down

The driver of an early Miata was seen barrelling down the snow-covered Route 2 near Templeton, Massachusetts without a care in the world
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As we’ve seen before, the kind of tyres a car wears is more important than drive layout when it comes to driving in the snow. So, we’d be happier in something like a rear-wheel drive sports car on winter tyres than an all-wheel drive SUV on summer boots. Extra care is still needed, of course, and if said car was a convertible, we’d sure as hell have the roof up.

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One driver of an early Mazda MX-5 (we think an NA, although we can’t 100 per cent tell from the low-quality footage) was less than worried about driving to the conditions. They caught the eye of CBS Boston on Friday, captured in footage sent in by viewer Trent Spinney. The little Mazda was spotted charging down the snow-covered Route 2 near Templeton at a time the area was expected to receive around a foot of snowfall.

Watch A Mazda MX-5 Driver Charge Through A Snowstorm With The Top Down

They had the top down and were wildly sliding around from side to side with very few f—ks apparently given. With the caption “drive slow” up on the screen, the newsreader summed the scene up as, “real new England living right there”.

Here’s hoping the Miata was at least wearing the right sort of tyres. And to give the driver the benefit of the doubt, there is a chance the hood was stuck down - early MX-5 roofs aren’t the strongest things in the world, after all.



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