Watch: Hear The Bugatti Bolide’s W16 Engine Roar Into Life By Lake Como

This stunning 1,556bhp track-only spaceship could be the last machine to use Bugatti’s famous W16 engine
Watch: Hear The Bugatti Bolide’s W16 Engine Roar Into Life By Lake Como

The Bugatti Bolide is not your typical uber-luxurious hypercar. The futuristic-looking machine - captured pottering around the famous Concorso d’Eleganza at Lake Como - is a lighter, more track-focused package than the record-breaking Chiron.

It uses the same 8-litre quad-turbocharged W16 engine, but the Bolide has been stripped of the luxuries you’d usually expect inside a Bugatti to become the ultimate track-destroying machine. In this video, captured by carspotter TheTFJJ, we hear it roar into life for the very first time, and get to enjoy the precise ballet of a £3.4 million (£3,391,873, or $4,267,580) hypercar being unloaded from its trailer without a scratch or scrape.

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The Bolide, which translates to “The Racing Car” in French, was first announced back in 2021 when Bugatti revealed that the track-focused machine would be the last car to use their renowned W16 engine. In this iteration, the 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged unit puts out a whopping 1,556bhp to a predominantly carbon-fibre chassis weighing in at just 1,450kg, and produces 1,180 pounds-feet of peak torque at just 2,250rpm.

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The results are predictably impressive, as Bugatti claimed their Bolide concept could reach 0-62mph in just 2.2 seconds and accelerate from a standstill to a frightening top speed of 311mph in just 20.1 seconds. First deliveries of the spaceship-looking machine are set to take place in 2024, while Bugatti will produce just 40 cars costing around €4 million (£3,391,873, or $4,267,580) per unit.

Watch: Hear The Bugatti Bolide’s W16 Engine Roar Into Life By Lake Como

Those lucky, or wealthy, enough to get behind the wheel of a Bolide will undoubtedly experience incomprehensible levels of speed around a racetrack. However, don’t be surprised if most examples of this other-worldly Bugatti racing machine spend their lives behind the closed doors of a private showroom.



So much tech, engineering to make it a speed machine and yet the only place its going to be driven ‘fast’ is Goodwood or some other ‘controlled environment’ by VW which makes it just meh already.

05/24/2022 - 17:44 |
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In reply to by B-To

It’ll look really fast sitting in some billionaire’s garage, never being driven.

05/24/2022 - 23:44 |
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