Watch A Bugatti Veyron Have An Expensive Hay Bale Encounter

At an event held on a runway it Switzerland, a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse had issues slowing down after a drag race

The landlocked nation of Switzerland has ended up hosted two Bugatti crashes in the space of a month. Just a few weeks on from videos emerging of a crumpled Chiron - which had been in a multi-car collision - a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse has been filmed ploughing through a bunch of hay bales on a runway.

The Bugatti - which runs a Pur Sport Blanc-style livery - was racing a Koenigsegg Regera held at Sion Airport near Gstaad. After its run, the car failed to slow down before the improvised barrier, with its moment of infamy captured by the small army of supercar spotters at the scene.

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We’re not entirely sure what wrong - the driver could have simply overshot the braking point, and cold brakes might have also been a factor. It’s also not especially encouraging to see people standing in the braking zone.

The bales provided a softer surface to hit than the plastic barriers we once saw a Veyron smash into following a 208mph run and a subsequent brain fart from the driver, but the Grand Sport didn’t come away unscathed - we’ve seen an image of a snapped slat in the lower section of the front bumper. Since one can’t whip out the filler to fix a hypercar with a seven-figure, it’s probably going to need a whole new bumper. And Bugatti parts aren’t exactly known for being cheap.

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It’s worth pointing out this isn’t the first time the Veyron in question has driven at Sion - it’s seen at the airstrip in the video above, completing high speed runs apparently without any issues.


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