Take A Listen To The Upcoming Toyota GT3 Car Hammering Round Spa

It’s widely thought that the unnamed race car will spawn a roadgoing version
Toyota GT3 car prototype testing at Spa
Toyota GT3 car prototype testing at Spa

It’s no secret that a new Toyota GT3 racer is in the works to succeed the ageing racing version of the Lexus RC-F. It appears to be doing things the other way around to most manufacturers, though, developing the racing car first and the road car second, giving us a proper homologation special in the process.

It showed off a concept, the GR GT3, a couple of years ago, but since then, official information on the project has been hard to come by. We’ve had to be content with a drip feed of footage of a camouflaged car pounding around various race tracks across the globe to whet our appetite. Now, as we edge closer to the expected 2025 or 2026 debut of the race car, we’ve had our best preview of it yet, as it’s been captured testing at the daunting Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium by LB-Motorsport Video.

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We’re very familiar with the exaggerated, cab-rearward proportions of the car at this point, but we can pick out a few more details in this video, with what looks like a full-width rear light bar and very Lexus-ish front end with the headlights and grille forming a sort of stretched ‘X’ shape.

We also get a proper earful of its thunderous soundtrack, a deep bellow that seems to reaffirm rumours that the car will use a turbocharged V8.

Toyota GR GT3 concept
Toyota GR GT3 concept

What we’re no closer to knowing is anything about the roadgoing version which, per GT3 regulations, will have to exist. Toyota sparked excitement earlier this year when it trademarked the name ‘GR GT’ and an associated logo, leading many to speculate that this will be the car’s name, dropping the ‘3’ from the concept.

Said concept has appeared at various points with both Toyota and Lexus badges, and it’s no clearer which branding will adorn the production car. With its expected race debut getting ever nearer, hopefully, we don’t have much longer to wait before we find out. 


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