Thieves Viciously Gouge Porsche Taycan's Headlights Out

The theft left the innocent car blind, and its owner likely in a blind rage
Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo - front
Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo - front

It’s our worst nightmare as car enthusiasts: waking up one morning to find we’ve been the victim of car-related theft. Whether it’s an entire car being taken, interiors being broken into or individual parts being stolen, it’s an awful thing to have happen.

Normally, when we hear about thefts of specific parts, they’re of high-value items that are relatively easy for thieves to access - wheels, catalytic converters, that sort of thing. The fate that’s befallen this innocent Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, though, isn’t something we can say we’ve seen before.

As posted in the Porsche Subreddit by user No_Supermarket9571, some thieves in Düsseldorf, Germany clearly wanted to get their hands on the electric estate’s headlights, no matter the effort.

To that end, they went to town on the poor car with what we can only assume were some heavy-duty tin snips, leaving both front wings torn to shreds and a pair of big, gaping holes where the light clusters used to be. It’s all a rather sad sight, especially for the owner, who’s now likely looking at several thousands of pounds worth of repair work. Hopefully, they’ve got a good insurance policy.

It turns out that this isn’t the first recent instance of Porsche headlight theft, with the Taycan specifically being targeted in the past. Some online have suggested that the headlights are taken for their effectiveness in the home cultivation of certain… specialist crops. It could also be that someone will soon be driving another Taycan around western Germany, unknowingly (or perhaps knowingly) benefitting from a vicious automotive equivalent of a backstreet organ transplant.

Whatever the reason, it’s led to the unfortunate butchering of a perfectly good car and a massive headache for its owner. The Reddit poster said their friend has alerted the police, so hopefully there’s a chance, even a slim one, that the culprits can be tracked down.


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