Tesla Accused Of Painting Over Structural Cracks On A Model 3

The cracks would have prevented the car from being roadworthy under German safety laws
Tesla Accused Of Painting Over Structural Cracks On A Model 3

Tesla just can’t seem to stay out of controversy. Just a couple of months ago, the American firm recalled 130,000 cars over an infotainment issue, which was followed by a video showing a hacker gaining access to a Model Y using a homemade kit. Now, a complaint in a German court alleges that Tesla employees had painted over potentially dangerous cracks, which were found on the underbody of a Model 3 during a routine tyre change.

According to German publisher Bild, the owner of the Tesla took the case to the Munich Regional Court, where an investigation into the painted-over cracks took place. It’s highly unusual for a relatively new car to exhibit such damages, but the court is yet to decide whether the crack appeared as a result of poor build quality or, potentially, as the result of an incident.

What we do know is that the findings of the investigation suggest that the damage found on the Model 3 was severe enough that the car would fail Germany’s TÜV safety inspection, meaning that it would not be safe or legal to drive on public roads.

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The same German court is also in the process of dealing with a case accusing Tesla of delivering a brand new car with scratched and deformed jacking points. Tesla allegedly dismissed the customer’s complaints as a ‘cosmetic’ issue, but an investigation ordered by the court found that the car’s floor was so damaged that it would fail a German safety inspection designed to get old, unsafe vehicles off the road.

Tesla Accused Of Painting Over Structural Cracks On A Model 3

The Munich Regional Court is yet to announce its final verdict, and Tesla has not commented on the case as of yet. However, if Tesla is found guilty, it could potentially face a wave of lawsuits from owners around the world, not to mention buyback cases. We’re all aware of Tesla’s reputation for poor build quality and panel gaps, but this could take its problems to a new level.

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