Tesla’s First 24-Hour Diner And Supercharger Is Coming To California

Featuring a range of bars, charging stations and two giant cinema screens
Tesla’s First 24-Hour Diner And Supercharger Is Coming To California

Tesla has reportedly filed plans for a new two-story drive-in theatre and diner in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, which will feature 29 Superchargers, several bars, a fully-fledged kitchen and a drive-in eating area with cinema screens.

Elon Musk first teased the idea of building an “old school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant” at one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations back in 2018 and confirmed plans for a “futuristic diner/drive-in theatre” back in February. However, Tesla’s plans for their futuristic diner have now emerged, confirming that the first Tesla-diner is on its way.

Tesla’s First 24-Hour Diner And Supercharger Is Coming To California

According to the official building plans, the bottom floor of the diner will consist of a kitchen, an indoor bar with stool seating, booths and an outdoor bar. The top floor will consist of more dining areas, another bar, and a theatre-style seating area overlooking two movie screens based in the parking area. Tesla customers will be able to recharge their vehicles at one of the 29 Superchargers in the car park, where staff will deliver food orders to customers waiting in their cars.

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The theatre will supposedly show a range of 30-minute long films, which coincides with the duration of a typical Tesla recharge session. As if the plans weren’t unusual enough, Musk has also revealed that the upcoming Tesla diner will accept the cryptocurrency Dogecoin as a form of payment.

Tesla initially hoped to open its first diner at an existing Supercharger site located in Santa Monica in February this year, but the new plans suggest that the carmaker’s project will be based in a different location at 7001 Santa Monica Boulevard. However, a Shakey’s Pizza Parlour currently occupies the space listed on the plans, and we’re yet to hear any official details surrounding opening dates.

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