Render Reimagines Toyota Supra A70 For Modern World

A render has surfaced online of a modern take on the A70 Supra – bask in its wedge-shaped glory

Let’s be honest, the fourth generation A80 Toyota Supra gets all the love, but we’re also suckers for the wedge-shaped A70. With its pop-up headlights and single rear light bar, it was the epitome of 80s car design and is now pretty understated, living in the shadow of its more famous 90s sibling. These latest renders published on Instagram by Hakosan Designs reimagine the minimalist design of the A70 Supra in a modern context, and we think it looks glorious.

While the A70’s simple wedge shape is instantly recognisable in the renders, Hakosan Design has rounded off the corners and added wide, flared wheel arches – it’s also hunkered down closer to the road, giving it a more modern, aggressive touch.

At the front of the reimagined Supra, the A70’s recognisable single continuous black strip is present but incorporates modern LED lights and the simplistic 80s ‘Supra’ logo. Hakosan Designs has been realistic about the lack of pop-up headlights in the render, given they don’t tend to be possible on modern cars due to pedestrian safety regulations.

Render Reimagines Toyota Supra A70 For Modern World

In place of pop-ups, the designer has cleverly incorporated two thin gaps on the front fascia where they would be, divided down the middle by muscular lines leading from the bonnet’s power dome. It’s not clear whether these holes could act as an air intake or conceal some thin LEDs.

The rear of the render is a real celebration of the 80s, with a trapezoidal light bar. Hakosan Designs has been fairly restrained with the exhaust, depicting a small twin pipe in the centre. That’s fine by us – cars of the 80s weren’t fitted with fist-sized ‘zorsts anyway. We like the larger modernised version of the simple, swooping spoiler and illuminated ‘Supra’ badge, too.

Render Reimagines Toyota Supra A70 For Modern World

Filling out the large wheel arches is a set of large wheels that aren’t overly fussy. The rims of the original 80s Supra weren’t particularly remarkable – many 80s car wheels were quite small, with high-profile tyres and plain designs. The ones on the render, however, do a good job of complementing the 80s look of the A70 Supra while giving it a sportier look.

Perhaps Toyota missed a trick with the latest A90 Supra – instead of making it rounded and modern, maybe they should have looked for inspiration from further back with the wedged, sleek design of the A70. What do you make of Hakosan Design’s A70-inspired design?



Looks a lot better than the real new one tbh

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