Doctor Performs Vasectomy Using Rivian R1T’s Battery Power

All of the equipment for the operation was powered by the electric truck’s battery
Doctor Performs Vasectomy Using Rivian R1T’s Battery Power

Welcome to the wacky world of electric vehicles, where exhausts produce fake V8 noise, batteries cost as much as a new car, and doctors plug their equipment into electric trucks to perform operations.

Yes, you read that correctly – this doctor used the battery onboard his Rivian R1T electric truck to power the equipment needed to perform an actual vasectomy. We’re as bewildered as you are.

Christopher Yang MD, a urologist in Austin, Texas, had a relatively routine vasectomy scheduled with a patient. However, a power outage in the clinic meant that the operation could not go ahead.

The patient had arranged to have time off work and, not wanting to wait any longer for the operation to take place, both he and Doctor Yang agreed to go forward with the procedure with the help of the Rivian R1T’s onboard battery.

Doctor Performs Vasectomy Using Rivian R1T’s Battery Power

Dr Yang told The Drive that he ran an extension cord from the battery-powered truck through to his clinic, and after plugging in a small fan and the electrocautery machine used to cut through tissue, the out-of-the-ordinary vasectomy took place.

The R1T is offered with either a 105kWh, 135kWh or 180kWh battery pack, which turns out to be plenty enough power to perform a vasectomy. Power is supplied at the same 110V AC that the medical equipment is designed to use, and Dr Yang claims that he had a backup power source in case the electrocautery failed or in case any problems turned up mid-surgery.

Doctor Performs Vasectomy Using Rivian R1T’s Battery Power

The doctor claims that all the necessary contingencies were put in place in case of any potential mishaps. While the procedure may sound a bit crude, Dr Yang was confident that the operation would be as safe as a routine appointment.

Thankfully for the patient, nobody tripped over the cable, Dr Yang did not need the backup power supply, and the vasectomy ended in success. Could this be the future of mobile surgery?

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