Pimp My Ride Is Back For A New Six-Part Series

The iconic noughties car customisation show Pimp My Ride will return to MTV UK’s YouTube channel this month and will be hosted by British rapper Lady Leshurr
Pimp My Ride Is Back For A New Six-Part Series

Yo dawg, we heard you liked cars… You can hear Xzibit saying that in your head, can’t you? Well, the legendary, memeable noughties car customisation show Pimp My Ride is back this month and will premiere on Friday 19 August on MTV UK’s YouTube channel.

The latest series will feature cars such as a classic 1966 Volkswagen Beetle and a 1992 Mitsubishi GTO among others. Xzibit won’t be back though – British rapper Lady Leshurr will host the show, meeting participants and their run-down classics and taking them to Wrench Studios for the pimping treatment.

Pimp My Ride Is Back For A New Six-Part Series

Wrench Studios is a garage on the outskirts of London that specialises in bespoke car customisation as per owners’ requests. We’re assured that cars will be getting the quintessential excessive modifications Pimp My Ride is known for. Expect ridiculously loud sound systems, large TV screens and any other pointless stuff you’d never need in a car.

A sponsorship deal with eBay means the show will also highlight the use of recycled parts sourced from their site as a greener alternative to buying brand new bits.

Originally launched in the 2000s, Pimp My Ride ended up being one of MTV’s biggest hits, spawning six seasons and several spin-offs. There was a UK version which featured a Morris Minor, Ford Granada Hearse and a Fiat Panda, and there was even a Pimp My Ride International version which most notably featured a communist-era Trabant 601 kitted out with decadent capitalist modifications.

Pimp My Ride Is Back For A New Six-Part Series

The show wasn’t without controversy, though, with participants coming forward years later reporting the shoddy workmanship carried out on their cars, the massive inconvenience of having to leave their cars with the show for months on end, and even having some of the expensive modifications removed by West Coast Customs after filming ended.

With the spotlight now on the upcoming version, will Wrench Studios do a better job and can Pimp My Ride come back better than ever?


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