#pikespeakchallenge The Mighty Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo

We have another challenge! A rally one!
The goals of this challenge is simple: A car that can do snowy terrain and normal road in Pikes Peak which is under 400hp.
The car which is chose is a Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo.


  • The car is AWD (Which is good for plowing through snow)
  • It has massive torque for a stock car (427 N·m/315 lb·ft!)
  • It has mitsubishi rally certificate

Well there is the reasons why i chose the 3000GT. Let us now build!

First order of the business is the chassis and the body.
One specific problem with the GTO is that is weights 1500kg. It is unacceptable for Peaks Pike. It wont cut it.
The car would be stripped down to its bare minimum. The body will be lifted from the chassis, leaving the drivetrain and the chassis. The body will be remade with fiberglass and carbon fiber, to keep the weight down.

A 10-point roll cage will be installed. It will enhance strength and rigidity of the car.
Before the body is put back on, its time to deal with the suspension.

The suspension is going to be a pretty smart and very technological suspension. It is going to be an Active Suspension.
As noted by Lime, we will need to go through snow and tarmac. A normal coilovers for rally wouldn’t really cut it. Let me explain.
A normal suspension will only have a specific adjusted height. If the suspension is set to low ride height, the car can’t cut it on 1 foot snow, but it will have lower center of gravity.
If the suspension is set to high ride height, the car will cut it through 1 foot snow, but it will have more center of gravity on tarmac, hence less cornering speed.
An active suspension fixes it all. On snow, a button will make the height on high. It will cut through the 1 foot snow. On tarmac, another button will make the car low which means more cornering speed and less center of gravity.

Suspension - Done!

Now the drivetrain

The driveshafts will be replaced with carbon fiber shafts. The lighter weight design will equal a decrease in overall rotational mass. It can also means more weight reduction!

The brakes are going to be easy. Brembo oriented rally brakes. 6 pots if can.

The body would be attached to the chassis again.

The 6G72 found in the 3000GT is making 320hp already stock. Making it 400hp is pretty easy.
First, i would replace the turbo with a 16g turbo. The turbo would be helped with some custom radiator cooling. The turbo will make around 400whp when tuned. The next thing i would do is get a ECU Tune. After the ECU Tune and 400whp,is to get an oil cooler to keep the engine cool under pressure. After that is an oil dry sump to keep the center of gravity low. Next is getting a DCT Transmission for quick shifts on rally.

The car’s performance upgrade is done! Now let’s do the exterior.

The tires are going to be Pirelli Scorpion rally Tires. The wheels are going to be OZ Racing Superturismo WRC Alloy Wheels.

The lights are going to be Hella Rallye lights. The setup will be like the above.

Mudflaps will be added to the car too!
The wrap is going to be a custom CarThrottle wrap!

End Results

  • HP: 460hp / 400whp
  • Torque: 380 lb·ft
  • RPM Limit: 7200 RPM
  • Curb Weight: 1187kg

There goes my car! Hope you guys enjoy it!


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Very nice built bro, n very gud planing

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Nice!!! Well thought out, I like it!

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Nice one b0ss

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Rotary Fanboy


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In reply to by Caro

The thing is still fairly heavy due to the active suspension and rollcage.

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hummerinator (Suzuki samurai, lada niva & iveco daily lover)

Nice riiiideeee!!!

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Highlux (4runner Squad)(Land Cruiser Squad)


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