This Mini 10s Gated Shifter Is Ideal For Cyclists Channeling Their Inner Toretto

This tiny gated shifter works together with an electric bicycle derailleur - perfect for anyone wanting to combine their love of cycling and Fast & Furious
This Mini 10s Gated Shifter Is Ideal For Cyclists Channeling Their Inner Toretto

Why is it that car enthusiasts around the world wax lyrical about manual gearboxes? Is it the fact that you’re more involved? Perhaps it’s because you love the satisfaction of good clutch control, and/or the joy of a heel and toe downshift.

In hindsight, it’s probably all of those things collectively. Manual gearboxes just rule, and that’s that.

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This miniature H-patterned shifter, for instance, is something that would get passionate drivers as excited as anything out there. It’s the work of a man named Ryoichi Inoue for use on bicycles, and he does so by mating it with an electronic rear derailleur.

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This H-shifter is an electronic switch that sends commands to the derailleur to tell it which gear it needs to move up or down to. It’s not a ground-breaking development, rather, a simple master switch that’s fixed to the handlebars and makes use of an axis sensor, akin to that found on the joystick of a PlayStation controller.

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There are no complicated linkages or metal wires that burgeon from it since all of the information is transferred through what appears to be an Arduino electronics platform.

How badly do you want one?

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