Mercedes-AMG Boss Quashes C63/E63 V8 Rumors

AMG’s CEO has poured cold water on the prospect of a V8 return for the C63 in light of recent rumours
Mercedes-AMG Boss Quashes C63/E63 V8 Rumors

It’s been a rollercoaster few weeks for fans of the Mercedes-AMG C63. First, Car and Driver cited two insider sources who claimed the mighty ‘M177’ V8 would be back under the bonnet of the C63 by 2026. Naturally, we all got quite excited. 

Then, German title Auto Motor und Sport quoted an "employee familiar with product development" who dismissed the rumours as “pure nonsense”. And now, the boss of Mercedes-AMG himself has ruled out any prospect of a V8 in the C63 and the forthcoming E63. Boo, and indeed hiss.

Mercedes-AMG Boss Quashes C63/E63 V8 Rumors

Speaking to The Drive at Monterey Car Week, Michael Schiebe said that he could "definitely deny" that V8s were on their way back under the bonnets of the C63 and E63. Pointing to other brands bringing out performance plug-in hybrids, Schiebe stated: “I think we were right when we said, let’s go in that direction.”

It’s disappointing, of course, as the idea of a four-cylinder C63 is a little hard to get one’s head around, despite the new model’s high power output and F1-derived hybrid tech. At least a V8 is still present and correct under the bonnet of the recently revealed 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT.

Mercedes-AMG Boss Quashes C63/E63 V8 Rumors

Although we don’t yet know for sure what kind of engine the E63 will use, it’s thought the model will adopt a hybridised inline-six, but we certainly wouldn’t rule out a rejigged version of the C63’s inline-four-based setup.

It’ll be more powerful than the old V8-powered E63, but lacking in terms of theatrics compared to the next-gen M5, which is set to retain a V8, but with added hybrid power. It’ll also be offered as an ‘M5 Touring’ estate, making it an even stronger rival for the E63. 

The ‘C10’ RS6, meanwhile, is also going to adopt a hybrid powertrain, but it’s unclear if this will involve a V8 or something smaller. 


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