Even 997 Porsche 911s Are Being Restomodded Now

The Edit Automotive g11 takes a sixth-generation Porsche 911, then upgrades everything in a restomod style
Even 997 Porsche 911s Are Being Restomodded Now

Restomodding Porsche 911s is bang on trend right now, with most of the love reserved for 964s. But Czech firm Edit Automotive has turned its upgrading gaze to the sixth-generation 997 for its new g11, which is so achingly hip it doesn’t even need a capital letter.

The 997 was sold new between 2005 and 2013 and was the last 911 to use hydraulic, rather than electrically assisted power-steering. And thus, it has a rather special place in the hearts of Porsche aficionados, as is (sadly for bargain hunters) reflected in rock-solid used prices. To see the 911 generation given the restomod treatment, then, isn’t all that surprising. 

Even 997 Porsche 911s Are Being Restomodded Now

Edit is taking 99 widebody versions – the Carrera 4, Carrera 4S, Carrera GTS or Carrera 4 GTS – and stripping each one back, rebuilding the engine with fresh parts to replace anything worn out before adding a custom exhaust.

Then each car’s put back together, but with a lot of extra carbon fibre bits and new paint, as well as new front and rear ends that draw inspiration from the original 911 design, penned by Butzi Porsche. The chap behind the g11’s design is Petr Novague, whose CV includes the HN R200, a rather bonkers modern reimagining of the Skoda 200 RS using the Audi R8, of all things, as a base.

Even 997 Porsche 911s Are Being Restomodded Now

Forged wheels are mounted over carbon-ceramic brakes, while inside things are pared back to the essentials. Gone is the infotainment system and radio, giving the car a focused, old-school, analogue vibe with interior materials down to the new owner’s choice. 

The cost for an Edit g11? A mere €170,000, which is around £146,500, and over £20k more than a brand-new 911 Carrera GTS. Restomodding ain’t a cheap business, folks. Each one gets a numbered plaque so you can show everyone how special it is.


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