Turns Out The Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Makes A Pretty Decent Submarine

A Huracan Spyder driver showed incredible (and perhaps misplaced) determination when trudging through floodwater in Florida

If your route home is blocked by severe floodwater, a low-slung, convertible supercar is surely one of the worst vehicles for the job. However, that didn’t stop one Lamborghini Huracan Spyder driver charging through a flooded road in downtown Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, putting incredible faith in the seals of the car’s folding fabric roof.

The Huracan’s mid-engine layout and the reasonably high air intake high position (they’re just behind the rear quarter windows) no doubt helped avoid the V10 hydrolocking. But with the bow wave completely submerging the car for a moment, the driver was still lucky to make it through. Given how thoroughly the Huracan was dunked, there may well be some hefty bills on the way to rectify unseen damage.

Tropical Storm Eta reached Florida at the tail end of the weekend, bringing with it 65mph winds and floods. Ahead of the storm making landfall, Broward County shut schools, beaches and public transport.

Just up the road in Palm Beach, the county’s Emergency Management Director Bill Johnson said, “Please take this storm seriously…Please don’t drive through flooded roadways”. Especially if you’re in an expensive supercar, he didn’t add but probably should have.



Maybe it got the air intakes in the upper vents?

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Florida or The Midlands - two of the most iconic geographic places on the Planet that has the most extra-ordinary events involving humans going about their every-day business…

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