The Koenigsegg CC850’s Auto-Closing Apertures Are Super Satisfying To Watch

A TikTok shows the 1,366bhp hypercar’s auto-closing gadgetry in action
@topgear Is the CC850 the ultimate Koenigsegg? #topgear #koenigsegg #cc850 #cartok ♬ sonido original - Iván

A TikTok has been posted by Top Gear showing the Koenigsegg CC850’s impressively slick auto-closing doors, engine-cover and frunk in action. At one swift touch of a button, the Koenigsegg gets in motion – remember the ‘explode’ feature on Forza’s Autovista vehicle viewing mode? Yeah, it’s just like that but real life.

If you’ve been following the CC850 news in recent months, you’ll be well aware that it was originally limited to just 50 examples which sold out extremely quickly, and a further 20 models were then announced to meet the demand. At an eye-watering $3.65 million (around £3.26 million), us mere mortals can only dream.

The Koenigsegg CC850’s Auto-Closing Apertures Are Super Satisfying To Watch

It might be for the best though. Easily-entertained buffoons like us would personally never be able to leave the auto-close button alone – it wouldn’t surprise us if a worn out button ended up costing your first born child to replace, so best leave it to the millionaires…

It’s not the only impressive gadgetry to be included on the CC850 – the car took the world by storm when Koenigsegg announced the homage to its first ever model would come with an automatic gearbox that could switch to become a manual stick-shift with a clutch pedal at the touch of a button through some engineering witchcraft. The Koenigsegg CC850 keeps getting even more impressive the more we learn about it - what do you think of its auto-closing doors?


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