Is The Jeep Wrangler Having A BMW Grille Crisis?

There's no denying the Wrangler has a distinct look, but did Jeep get grille envy and take a leaf out of BMW's book?
Is The Jeep Wrangler Having A BMW Grille Crisis?

Updates for the 2024 Jeep Wrangler are subtle, but its hard to ignore its new nostrils. Admittedly, they’re not as imposing as the enormous BMW grille, but this is where it all starts. Debuted at the New York International Auto Show this is the first look at the future Wrangler line up.

A first for the Wrangler, it gets a new Dana 44 full-float solid rear axle to accommodate larger tyres. The standard 32-inch tyres have been replaced with 33-inch ones and the Rubicon editions get 35-inch all-terrain rubber. Off-roading is still a top priority but there’s a few more creature comforts like touchscreens and electronically adjustable heated seats. So, when you put your back out over bumpy terrain, you can start heat treatment straight away.

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The new Jeep Wrangler comes in Sport, Willys, Sahara, High Altitude, Rubicon and Rubicon 392 models. In the hopes of continuing its top spot as America’s best selling plug-in hybird, the 4xe will be a cheaper entry level to the Wrangler range.

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All grille controversy aside, its updated looks do serve a purpose. It helps to improve cooling and accommodates the 8,000 lb (around 3,600kg) capacity Warn winch. There’s also some updates you don’t see, its steel antenna is replaced by a windscreen-integrated “stealth antenna”.

Is The Jeep Wrangler Having A BMW Grille Crisis?

As always, there’s countless roof, door and windshield combinations so you can be as close or as far from nature as you like. A new soft-top comes as standard for 2024 and there’s 10 new wheel-designs to choose from too, the configurator is going to be way too much fun.


Myrmeko (#CTSquad)

Most definitely not. Jeeps always had the big vertical grille. If it wouldn’t have been mentioned, i would have never guessed they made the grille bigger, that’s how well integrated it is.

05/02/2023 - 12:16 |
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