Jeep Previews The Future Of Autonomous Off-Road Driving

Most manufacturers are developing autonomous driving for the road, but Jeep is applying this tech to off-roading instead.
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Autonomous driving tech that we generally see applied to on-road driving is now being taken one step further and used for off-roading. Stellantis’ head of AI & autonomous driving, Neda Cvijetic headed up this project to create two automated off-road prototypes for the Jeep brand. Using Moab in Utah as a test ground, the team have progressed to the next stage of development where the technology is being thoroughly tested in real-world conditions.

Two electrified Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe models were chosen to prototype AI and autonomous driving features. The video demonstrates how cameras in and around the car are used to identify upcoming obstacles and the AI figures out how to safely navigate the route. The technology has been designed to give a helping hand to experienced off-roaders or encourage customers who are new to tackling this kind of terrain.

Jeep Previews The Future Of Autonomous Off-Road Driving

A more detailed video showcasing the full extent of this autonomous off-road driving technology will be released over the summer. Advanced technology like this is part of Jeep’s goal to keep shaking up the off-roading sphere by introducing more electrified vehicles and tools to support the experience.

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Jeep CEO Christian Meunier says, “In the same way that our 4xe electrification takes Jeep brand’s off-road capability to new heights, these advanced off-road driving systems will help more customers in more countries around world join and enjoy the adventure. These features and technology will have real-life applications on and off the trail in a wide range of driving conditions.”


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