Check Out This Bespoke Two-Door Hybrid Jeep Gladiator

In an effort to clean up 50 off-road trails in 50 states, this JTe has already helped to clear 39 tons of trash across 14 states.
Check Out This Bespoke Two-Door Hybrid Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep parts and accessories company Quadratec has partnered with the clean up initiative Tread Lightly! to start cleaning up off-road trails around the country. Built by Unofficial Use Only, the bespoke JTe hybrid started life as a Jeep Wrangler 4Xe Rubicon before being cut up and joined with a Gladiator truck bed.

As part of an initiative to clean up 50 trails in 50 states the JTe has already been put to good use after tackling trash in 14 states. So far, over 39 tons of trash have been removed from off-road trails to raise awareness for outdoor conservation and to protect public lands. The JTe is not only setting an example to be more conscious of the environment and pick up trash, the powertrain was specifically chosen to demonstrate how capable greener off-road vehicles can be.

Check Out This Bespoke Two-Door Hybrid Jeep Gladiator

Eric Ammerman, JTe Project Director and Quadratec’s Director of Creative Content says, “As you saw all around SEMA, electrification is more than just a trend, it is here to stay. Our JTe hybrid Gladiator has an amazing appeal to two-door truck lovers and its hybrid powertrain provides excellent sustainability. Plus, its bed is 10.5-inches longer than a standard Gladiator, which will provide plenty of space for Tread Lightly! trail project cleanups over the next two years.”

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The JTe’s reveal at SEMA in 2022 was very successful and even caught the eye of Jeep. As a result, they posted a picture of the JTe, with a poll asking if they should make a two-door Gladiator too. The post was met with a resounding yes, so maybe a production two-door Gladiator could have a place in Jeep’s future.



If Jeep sold a two-door Gladiator, I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

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