Here's A Reminder That £200 Sheds Are As Good As Any Car (Sort Of)

Spending some time with the Internet's favourite Skoda Octavia - Miles the High Mileage Hero - made me realise something about the car as a transportation device
Here's A Reminder That £200 Sheds Are As Good As Any Car (Sort Of)

As far as first-world problems go, not being able to drive to the airport in the Mercedes-AMG GT R you’ve borrowed due to a car collection clash is up there with the most ridiculous.

But regardless, a problem it was: the mighty green Merc was due to go back on Friday that week, I wasn’t landing back at Heathrow until the early hours of Sunday morning. My other half was using our own car - a tatty MkV VW Golf GTI - and Car Throttle’s sole long-term steed at the time - an Up GTI - was spoken for.

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But there was one option I hadn’t thought of until CT’s video chief Alex mentioned it: our +430,000-mile diesel Skoda Octavia, aka Miles the High Mileage Hero.

It made perfect sense. Since achieving YouTube fame in his very own series on our channel, Miles hasn’t been up to a whole lot. Despite having clocked the equivalent distance of going to the moon and most of the way back in his life, he’s mechanically sound, and in fine shape following an overhaul which included a respray, new suspension, and new brakes. So hitching a ride with a former colleague into London, I was soon making my way back home with Miles.

Here's A Reminder That £200 Sheds Are As Good As Any Car (Sort Of)

After smashing out an additional 300 miles to add to the Octavia’s heroic tally in just a few days, something occurred to me: Miles did everything that the £150,000 AMG would have done, for one-750th of the cost.

Yes, the modern performance cars I’m fortunate enough to test can be fantastically exciting and extremely capable, but in simple point A to point B traffic, Miles fulfilled the need exactly as any much more expensive cars would have done. It got me to where I needed to go in the same time, I was comfortable, and what’s more, Miles clocked well over 60mpg.

Here's A Reminder That £200 Sheds Are As Good As Any Car (Sort Of)

The work that’s been done to the car helped, of course, but don’t forget, before a single spanner had touched Miles, the car did an 800-mile round-trip to the Nurburgring without breaking a sweat. Oh, and it did it on a single tank of diesel, with a few more miles to spare. Not bad for a car that cost £200.

I’m not saying it isn’t worth spending vast sums of money on a car. Do so, and you’ll end up with something that’ll feel very special and will leave you mesmerised on the right road or track. No, this is more a reminder that as a simple means of transportation, any car can be a wonderful, dependable thing.

Sometimes you just need a loveable shed like Miles to remind you of this.



I agree. My daily is 157,000 miles, 1.3cdti Vauxhall Meriva and (granted it’s not my FD) it’s been a cracking little car. It can be nice at times driving something that lasts a week for fuel on the commute.

01/10/2019 - 12:15 |
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Has anyone worked out how much money has gone into miles to get it into its current condition?

Would be interesting to know from the point of view of buying a high miler and building it up to a point of insuring future reliability and making it a nice thing to sit in.

01/10/2019 - 12:27 |
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Alex Kersten

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

the biggest expense was the respray. Otherwise, the only thing it needed was new suspension and tyres which totalled a few hundred quid

01/10/2019 - 12:44 |
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Metrickzcz (Prelude Squad)

I used to daily a 500€ Civic with 300 000 kilometers for 5 years, and didnt break down a single time.
Before that, I dailied a 1988 Prelude for 6 years, also with 300K on it now, and didnt break either. No I daily a 2000€ Chrysler with 200 000 kilometers, and the only thing that broke was the clutch, but thats understandable because it has driven 100 000 kilometers in Vienna.
Cheap cars are good cars … sometimes.

01/10/2019 - 14:33 |
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Erich Mohrmann

But my first car is going to be a 6000€ Miata D:

01/10/2019 - 17:31 |
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Basith Penna-Hakkim

I want to be the next mileage hero too
I was thinking of doing over 400k miles on the Veloster N, G70 2.0T manual, Land Cruiser, S2000, NSX, Civic Type R, RS3, Skyline, S60R, Golf R, Corolla Sport, GT86, or Supra

01/10/2019 - 17:57 |
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Chewbacca_buddy (McLaren squad)(VW GTI Clubsport)(McLaren 60

In reply to by Basith Penna-Hakkim

Land Cruisers will go to the end of time. I’m pretty sure you could run a Land Cruiser to 1 million miles, do a basic rebuild, and it’ll run for another million. Hell, a guy did 1 million in his Tundra and only stopped for oil changes and tire rotations

01/11/2019 - 02:17 |
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wants to do 400k+ miles in a car

almost only lists cars that aren’t made for long distance trajects

01/12/2019 - 03:55 |
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Pipi Ferry

I also have Octavia. Its from 97’ 1.6 55kw (75hp) petrol. Currently having 278000 km. Its nice car, and a good daily

01/11/2019 - 08:16 |
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while i am strugling to make 50 000 km with my timing chain, thanks bmw for the work on the 1.6 ep6dt (the one in the mini for example) …

01/11/2019 - 23:26 |
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