Will Porsche Discover The Next Rimac?

Porsche launches €250 million start-up investments to expand its portfolio.
Will Porsche Discover The Next Rimac?

Following the success of Porsche’s 45 percent stake in Rimac, it’s already hunting for the next big thing. The firm has announced it’s setting aside €250 million (around £220 million or $270 million) to invest in start-ups.

Its venture capital division, Porsche Ventures, will form the independent subsidiary, Porsche Investments Management S.A., based in Luxembourg, to focus on this pursuit.

The idea is to support and access the latest mobility innovations across the world. Porsche currently has “direct interest” in around 60 smaller companies and hopes to expand this portfolio. It’s seemingly a strategic investment scheme, to cast a wide net and create research and development opportunities.

Will Porsche Discover The Next Rimac?

Wanting to be key player in all types of transport, Porsche e-Bike Performance was recently founded, focusing on, you guessed it, e-Bikes. Diversification will only mean good things for the development and performance of Porsche models in years to come.

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Ultimately, the point is to have access to innovation and expertise that would otherwise be too costly to bring in-house. With Rimac, Porsche has the potential to take inspiration and technology from the Nevera to create its own hypercar. The possibilities are endless. Maybe the next Rimac will emerge sooner than we thought.


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