Ferrari Enzo Crashes Into Tree While Driven By Mechanic

One of only 400 Enzos ever made suffered a grim fate in the Netherlands, spinning off a straight road and into a tree
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A Ferrari Enzo has been left with only two wheels after a huge crash in the Netherlands. To make matters even more awkward, it seems the responsible party wasn’t an owner. According to local news outlet De Gooi-en Eemlander, the wreck happened while the Enzo was being test-driven by a mechanic from a business in nearby Hilversum on Tuesday morning. Thankfully, he’s said to have been released by medics at the scene after checks.

As you might have noticed from footage and images of the car’s recovery, the location of the incident - the N221 just outside Baarn - is a completely straight road. But with a V12 sending 651bhp to the rear wheels exclusively, you don’t necessarily need a corner to mess up with one of these things, especially in chilly, damp conditions.

Given that this is one of only 400 Enzos ever made, and with values creeping up (one was auctioned in the US last year for over $3.3 million), this might not necessarily be the end of the car. A repair could still be economical.

If it’s doable, the costs involved would be astronomical, since the damage is so extensive. Barely any body panels escaped unscathed, with the front and rear bumpers, front clamshell and rear quarter panels all taking a serious knock. Unsurprisingly, the force of the crash was strong enough for the airbags to deploy.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s also missing a couple of wheels - both of the right rims were ripped off the car, with the rear taking a driveshaft with it. In conclusion, it ain’t a pretty sight, but don’t be pressing F just yet.


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