FCA Has Restarted Lancia Delta Integrale Bumper Production

FCA Heritage has released a video detailing how it's been able to put Delta Integrale and Evoluzione bumpers back in production
FCA Has Restarted Lancia Delta Integrale Bumper Production

Keeping a classic car going is a tricky business. Older cars often aren’t all that reliable, and when it comes to finding new bits, well, good luck.

Thankfully, mainstream manufacturers are stepping in to help. Not just out of the goodness of their own hearts, of course - classics and modern classics are big business now, so it makes perfect sense to go after a slice of the pie. That’s precisely what FCA Heritage is doing, by restarting production of Lancia Delta Integrale and Integrale Evoluzione bumpers.

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The process has been detailed in a fascinating new video from Fiat Chrysler’s classic specialists. Helpfully, the original dies for the parts were still kicking around - FCA Heritage took them out of storage and restored them. They still wear the Martini livery sported by Lancia’s world-beating series of rally cars.

The bumpers are made using the original materials, too - Pocan for the Integrale, and Xenoi for the Evo. Both front and rear bumpers are available.

As you’d probably expect, these aren’t cheap. A Delta Evo front bumper is listed on Mopar’s UK website as £1404.

FCA Has Restarted Lancia Delta Integrale Bumper Production

The move expands FCA Heritage’s existing customer activities, which already include the ‘reloaded by creators’ scheme, involving the purchase and restoration of various classics including the Lancia Fulvia Coupé Montecarlo and Alfa Romeo SZ. All profits from that endeavour are reinvested “to finance new scouting activities to add important new pieces to FCA’s historic collection,” the company said at the time of the annoncement.



Some good car news

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How about restart Lancia as a whole

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For that you would need someone to invest.
Even though we think they would have many people giving them money, we all know that those would also prefer to give it to someone that can actually make them money.

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