Drake Might Be Buying A Mercedes CLK GTR

The Canadian rapper has done what many of us have before - admired a car on Instagram we’d like to buy. Unlike most of us though, he can afford this homologation special
Drake Might Be Buying A Mercedes CLK GTR

A celebrity buying a supercar is hardly news, and even less so when it’s a rapper buying a Mercedes. However, this is an interesting one - Drake seems to be putting energy into manifesting a Mercedes CLK GTR.

We’re speculating here a little, as the Canadian rapper has posted an image on Instagram of an example of the car that DK Engineering had for sale last year, with the caption “Soon I hope”.

Drake Might Be Buying A Mercedes CLK GTR

If he’s been reading the advert for that car, it’s too late as it’s long since sold. It’s hardly like they’re common either - just 25 examples of the hardtop homologation special were ever made.

Had he looked sooner than later, Drake could’ve had his hands on a choice of a coupe or a roadster in November when an example of each was being auctioned alongside the Las Vegas Grand Prix in November.

Lord knows if he’d been in the mix, but his deep pockets would’ve been needed to be successful in that auction. The roadster sold for $10,235,000 (approx. £8m) while RM Sotheby’s hasn’t revealed what the coupe went for. We’d imagine a similar price.

Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster
Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster

We’re not aware of any examples of the car currently for sale, but we’re sure if Drake is keen enough he will have the connections to turn nothings into somethings.

With an AMG-built, 6.9-litre V12 producing 604bhp and 572lb ft of torque, we can certainly see why the rapper would want to own it. As long as he’s happy to do without Tuscan leather or a digital dash.

It would also join a fairly eclectic collection of Mercedes’ he owns. If reports are to be believed, he has (or has at least had at some stage) a Maybach S600 Pullman, an SLR McLaren, a Brabus 850 and a one-of-99 Maybach G650 Laudaulet at some stage. 


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