Dodge Challenger Driver Runs From Police, Has Embarrassing Crash

The driver of this tail-happy Dodge Challenger tries to speed away from the Police after getting stopped, only to do a burnout and slam straight into a wall.
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A cringe-worthy video has surfaced of a Dodge Challenger trying to make a quick escape from the cops after being pulled over somewhere in America. In the video, which appears to be dashcam footage from the police officer’s point of view, the driver of the Dodge Challenger clearly floors it, imagining that he’ll speed off into the sunset, presumably to the border with Mexico, and freedom…. Unfortunately, while his rear wheels are moving, his Challenger is not.

The scene reminds us of the classic cartoon trope of the main character trying to run while their legs just keep kicking up dust on the spot. To make matters worse, once the Challenger finally finds grip, the driver loses control and the car veers to the left and straight into a wall. It looks almost as if the driver hit a banana skin in MarioKart – only more expensive and much more embarrassing.

The video ends here, but we assume the result was a much worse criminal charge for the driver than if he’d just complied in the first place. Still, if he hadn’t, we wouldn’t have this 11-second masterclass of what not to do when you get pulled over by the police.

We hope the police in Texas are better skilled to take on all that power to the rear-wheels, as they recently seized a 1040bhp Dodge Challenger from a street racer and put it into service as part of their crime fighting fleet. Perhaps they’d have been better off with the Corvette Z06 taken by a police force in Florida, or the Ferrari 458 Italia police car used by Czech police. Whether you get pulled over by a Crown Vic or a Vauxhall Astra, just don’t try to outrun the police car that’s behind you, it’s not worth it…


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