World’s Craziest Police Cars: Meet The W Motors Giath Smart Patrol

The Dubai Police have a new weapon in their ongoing fight against crime and sensible vehicles
World’s Craziest Police Cars: Meet The W Motors Giath Smart Patrol

Dubai’s Police force is known for its exotic taste in vehicles but even by those standards the Gaith Smart Patrol is a bold choice. W Motors, the company that brought you the Fenyr SuperSport and Lykan Hypersport hypercars, might not seem the obvious option to supply a major city police force with means of getting from A to B, and yet here we are looking at paramilitary Nissan Patrol with full police livery and a complete suite of ‘PULL OVER NOW’ lights.

W Motors actually unveiled its Gaith back in 2018 but this is not the same car. Where that was based on a Chevrolet Tahoe this new version is a Nissan Patrol beneath its police uniform and is set to be converted in W Motors’ Dubai production facility by its Special Projects Division.

World’s Craziest Police Cars: Meet The W Motors Giath Smart Patrol

The standard Patrol gets a 5.6-litre V8 with 400bhp but there’s a Nismo derivative that bumps power to 428bhp. It’s not known which version of the powerplant the Gaith Smart Patrol uses or if W Motors has made any upgrades but the car will use the Patrol’s all-wheel drive system and seven-speed auto transmission.

As well as the law enforcement lighting rig, the police-spec Gaith gains a 360-degree camera system and a cell area in the rear that’s completely sealed off from the driver. Obviously, there’s a surveillance drone too. It’s a serious piece of kit and should actually be a lot more suitable for the task in hand than some of the supercars that have graced the car park down at the Dubai police station.

World’s Craziest Police Cars: Meet The W Motors Giath Smart Patrol

The World’s craziest police cars

The police are people too and just like the rest of us they like to show off an incredible car when the opportunity arises. Many forces have had some interesting machinery liveried up for promotional purposes but nobody beats the incredible arsenal of crime-fighting machines exhibited by the Dubai Police over the years. An Aston Martin One 77, Ford Shelby Mustang, Bentley Continental GT and even a Bugatti Veyron police car are just some of the highlights.

But what are the most extreme, silly and possibly inappropriate police cars we’ve seen from Dubai or elsewhere? Check out the cars below and let us know which one you’d most like to take a ride downtown in…

BAC Mono

World’s Craziest Police Cars: Meet The W Motors Giath Smart Patrol

The BAC Mono looks like something straight out of a Batman movie, and while it only has one seat, it still makes for an epic crim chaser. The BAC Mono cop-car belongs to the Isle of Man police force and was donated to the authorities by Briggs Automotive Company, or BAC for short, after they used the Isle of Man as a base for testing and developing the car.

The single-seater uses a 2.5-litre four-cylinder Mountune engine to put out 305bhp, an astonishing figure considering the car has a kerb weight of only 570kg. With a 0-62mph time of just 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 170mph, there aren’t many cars that could even dream of outruning this crime-stopping BAC Mono.

Ferrari FF

World’s Craziest Police Cars: Meet The W Motors Giath Smart Patrol

A member of the jaw-dropping fleet belonging to the Dubai police force, this pursuit-ready Ferrari FF has the makeup to be the ultimate cop car. Its naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V12 revs all the way to 8000rpm, and produces a staggering 651bhp to outrun the majority of vehicles on the road - even in Dubai.

The shooting-brake body style means it can accommodate any captured bad guys in the reasonably spacious and unjustifiably luxurious rear seats. Sure, the cops may spend more time filling up with fuel than actually catching crooks, but it’s a small price to pay for one of the coolest police cars in the world. Good luck to anyone who thinks they can outrun this prancing horse.

Nissan GT-R 'Copzilla'

World’s Craziest Police Cars: Meet The W Motors Giath Smart Patrol

Our jaws hit the floor when we first came across the outrageous JDM justice-serving machine. This GT-R is a one-off custom made by Nissan for the 2017 New York Motor Show. It’s been decked out with red and blue flashing lights, Skyline Metro Police Department decals, a gigantic roof-mounted spoiler and some of the meanest fitting wheels we’ve seen.

Under the hood lies a twin-turbo V6 producing 562bhp, which sends this beast from 0-62mph in just 2.7 seconds, so it packs plenty of performance for catching trouble makers. What better way to shut down an out-of-control car meetup than by turning up in the coolest ride and putting everyone else to shame?

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Lada Riva

World’s Craziest Police Cars: Meet The W Motors Giath Smart Patrol

At the other end of the spectrum is the Lada Riva. The Russian wagon is used by the Cuban police force to slowly but surely protect the streets of Havana. With a 1.5-litre engine that produces 80bhp, the Lada Riva hits 0-62mph in a not-so-impressive 14.5 seconds and tops out at 95mph. With its mediocre performance and unintimidating looks, the police might be better off chasing criminals on foot.

Smart Fourtwo

World’s Craziest Police Cars: Meet The W Motors Giath Smart Patrol

Oh dear. Maybe it’s just us, but a Smart car isn’t the first car that comes to mind when you think about clamping down on criminal activity with an iron fist. The New York Police Department had a number of Smart Fortwo’s in its arsenal of police cars, which also includes the legendary Ford Crown Victoria.

The Fortwo is powered by a tiny 0.9-litre engine which puts out 89bhp, though the compact and lightweight Fortwo will reach 0-62mph in 10.4 seconds, which isn’t disastrously slow but certainly not as impressive as the other cars on this list. With a top speed of 96mph, it might struggle to keep up with the fastest getaway cars on the streets of New York City, though it probably does a decent job at navigating the city’s traffic congestion.



Say what you want about the Lada, but it will outlive every single car in this list.

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