Dealership Gives Customer A Free ’22 Chevrolet Corvette After Mechanic’s 148mph Joyride

The car’s recording system showed the mechanic racing on public roads at over 140mph
Dealership Gives Customer A Free ’22 Chevrolet Corvette After Mechanic’s 148mph Joyride

How would you feel if you found out that a mechanic took your Chevrolette Corvette on a high-speed joyride after being trusted to deal with an engine problem? No doubt you’d be furious, and that’s precisely how Michael felt couple of weeks ago after finding out that his 2021 Corvette, which he recently took delivery of after an 11-month wait, had been driven at speeds of over 140mph by a technician after visiting a Chevrolet dealership in Fremont.

An unusual noise coming from the car’s engine turned out be caused by a loose spark plug, and, as you’d expect, the mechanic quickly resolved the problem with relative ease. However, the story took a turn for the worse as the mechanic decided to push the 495bhp supercar to its limits during a test drive. Unbeknownst to the unwitting joyrider, the car’s onboard Performance Data Recorder captured everything from GPS positioning to video from the car’s onboard cameras, which later revealed several pulls to over 100mph and a 148mph race against a Dodge Charger on a busy public highway. Check out the footage below.

The car’s PDR recording was posted to Reddit by Michael, and the video soon went viral. The dealership initially offered just $500 (£402) worth of interior and exterior detailing after seeing the video, but Michael was soon contacted by the dealership’s owner Inder Dosanjh, who made Michael an incredible deal.

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Dosanjh offered Michael a swap: his misused 2021 Corvette for a brand new 2022 C8, completely free of charge. Dosanj made sure that the new car included all of the options Michael originally wanted on his 2021 Corvette but missed out on due to production shortages and delays, such as the front nose lift system and the upgraded front seats. The car dealer even paid the sales tax for the new ride and included an extended warranty as a gesture of goodwill.

Dealership Gives Customer A Free ’22 Chevrolet Corvette After Mechanic’s 148mph Joyride

Speaking to The Drive, Michael said “The owner of the family of dealerships reached out to me… and I’m laying in bed and he texts me at nine at night or something, just apologizing profusely and saying he wants to make this right, and then (he offered) me a 2022 (Corvette), and that was pretty shocking.”

“It’s not about the money, it’s not about anything else, we do good, we’ve got enough stores. This is about fixing the problem right” Dosanjh told The Drive. What a way to make an apology, and kudos to the dealer for doing the right thing.


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