Buying A £1 Volvo (And The Coolest 4-Year-Old You'll Ever See)

I recently bought a 280,000-mile Volvo V70 for £1. Here's the story behind it...
Buying A £1 Volvo (And The Coolest 4-Year-Old You'll Ever See)

In our latest video, you’ll have seen me buy a 280,000-mile Volvo V70 D5 for £1. Yes, a quid. The incredible deal came about thanks to former owner Michael and his four-year-old car-mad son Alexander, after the pair of them decided that 2021 would be their “best year ever.”

That’s why dad Michael DM’d me with the offer I couldn’t refuse, and so the deal was done. The following week, Ethan, Jack and I headed over with our camera gear and a £1 coin burning a hole in my pocket.

And that’s when we met Alexander, whose obvious passion for cars has not gone unnoticed, with YT comments including “That kid snitching on all the things wrong with it made my day!”

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Anyway, the car is home with me now, and the plan is to have some fun with it. No, the wipers still don’t work, and yes, I took an angle grinder to the stereo (triggered) but I promise you’ll enjoy the next couple of videos to come with the car.

For now, though, I thought you’d all enjoy watching Alexander and his dad preparing the £1 Volvo for collection, because cuteness overload is guaranteed (and don’t worry, the footage quality gets better in no time!).


Alex Webster

Would love to see little Alex in the podcast. Could maybe have his own little section on what he likes about cars!

02/28/2021 - 16:32 |
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