Brand New Tesla Model S Totalled After Ludicrous Jump

Misjudged Tesla jump smashes car to pieces after its lands nose first, bottoming out on the tarmac
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A brand new Tesla Model S jumped through an intersection and crashed after a Tesla owners meet in the US, leaving it completely ruined. Multiple videos of the Tesla jump were taken from various angles, so the daredevil driver’s insurance company won’t need to look too hard for evidence.

In a video by Youtuber Alex Choi, the Tesla Model S can be seen waiting at the bottom of a hill to take a run up at the hump in the road. Unfortunately for the driver, the Tesla’s famed acceleration means he sends it flying through the air at a ridiculous speed, landing nose first and sending sparks shooting into the air along with parts of the car.


Luckily there were no injuries except the driver’s ego and some unfortunately-placed wheelie bins, as well as a lightly damaged Subaru Forester that eventually stopped the Tesla in its tracks.

According to Choi, the driver foolishly attempted to reenact the same jump fellow Youtuber David Dobrik’s Tesla Model Y cleared in 2020, but this time the consequences were far worse, as the car appears extensively damaged.


It’s not the first time a Tesla has been spotted in flight mode – aside from Alex Choi and David Dobrik’s videos at the now-infamous intersection, this Tesla was caught on CCTV footage flying through the air a few years back. Whether it’s the beta for a future Tesla feature, we’re unsure, but whatever it is, it’s extremely stupid.

There’s a time and a place for brisk driving, as is proven in a similar video of a Porsche Boxster that went airborne after hitting a dip in the asphalt in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s safe to say that the streets aren’t really designed for rally driving in a low-down sportscar.



Good. Of to the scrapheap where it belongs.

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