Assetto Corsa Evo Confirmed, Will Be Coming This Year

Details on the hotly-anticipated Assetto Corsa sequel have been scarce so far, but finally we have a name and a release window
Assetto Corsa Evo Confirmed, Will Be Coming This Year

Ah, Assetto Corsa. Ever since the sim racing modding community got a hold of it, the game has gone from a sim racing pretender to a platform that has stood the test of time. Having launched in 2014 though, it’s getting on a bit and we’ve known a sequel is coming but with very few details. Finally, though, we have a name for it.

Assetto Corsa Evo will be arriving this year, and that’s about as much as we can say for it at the moment.

Keen-eyed players of Assetto Corsa Competizione (itself not a sequel to the original, but rather a GT-focused spin-off) and its new 24H Nurburgring DLC had spotted a QR code planted on a billboard at Kumho Kurve. Scanning took you to a landing page with ‘2024’ followed by an animation leading to ‘Assetto Corsa Evo’. Now though, developer Kunos Simulazioni has confirmed the title.

We’ve known ‘AC2’ has been due for some time. Digital bros, the parent company of AC developers Kunos Simulazioni and its publisher 505 Games confirmed in its 2023 financial report that the then-titled ‘Assetto Corsa 2’ would be coming to PC before July 2024.

That same financial report also confirmed that console versions of the game would be coming ‘long-term’. Based on Kunos’ previous release patterns, we’d expect it to be a year or two before that happens, with the original AC launching on Xbox and PlayStation in 2016. Meanwhile, AC Competizione arrived on consoles in 2020, a year on from its PC release.

Presumably, when it does arrive on console, it’ll be for Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 rather than its predecessors.

We’re not sure when we’ll hear more on Assetto Corsa Evo but we’ll keep you posted when we do. 


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