Alfa Romeo Is (Possibly) Teasing A 600bhp+ Giulia GTA

Alfa has released a teaser promising "a momentous comeback" with the sound of its twin-turbo V6 attached
Alfa Romeo Is (Possibly) Teasing A 600bhp+ Giulia GTA

The Alfa Romeo Giulia might be about to receive a whole lot more power. Following rumours about a 612bhp ‘GTA’ version of the car that first emerged last month, Alfa has released a teaser which might well be related.

It carries the message “a momentous comeback,” which would fit nicely with the GTA badge, a moniker not used by Alfa for around 15 years. There was talk of GTA versions of the Brera and 159, but both cars failed to emerge.

Also in the short video is a sound clip which is almost certainly of the company’s 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6. Whatever Alfa Romeo is going to reveal at the Geneva Motor Show on 3 March, it should be very exciting.

The anticipated new model would also make up for the death of the new GTV and 8C, both of which were canned as FCA shifted Alfa to a “scaled back” approach.

The Alfa Romeo Racing version of the Giulia looked great, but wasn't any more powerful than the standard model
The Alfa Romeo Racing version of the Giulia looked great, but wasn't any…

Beyond the new version of the Giulia, Alfa’s rejigged road map will feature two crossovers, one of which is expected to be a production version of the Tonale.



In case you didn’t know, a camouflaged Giulia has been spotted recently. Could it be the new so-called GTA?

02/24/2020 - 16:00 |
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Myrmeko (#CTSquad)

In reply to by LamboV10

I really hope they bring back the GTA name.

02/24/2020 - 16:41 |
5 | 0

where was it spotted at?

02/24/2020 - 17:04 |
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Duggan (koalafan) (koalafan7) (Esprit Team) (Z32 Group) (Lot

I don’t think it could possibly be good enough to make up for the cancellation of the 8C or GTV or the rushed development, quality issues, mostly due to poor management under F-C, but at least they’re doing something cool. They have so much potential.

02/25/2020 - 15:38 |
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