Acura Has Launched Its Own Anime And You Can Watch It Now

Acura's four-part anime 'Chiaki’s Journey' aims to promote the brand's Type S line-up
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Car adverts are frequently terrible, so imagine our delight when we learned Acura was to do something much more interesting than your usual 30-second TV spot to plug its Type S cars. Instead, Honda’s premium division has released a four-part anime, and all episodes are already available for your viewing pleasure.

Released to coincide with the 2022 Sundance film festival, which Acura sponsors, it’s a short and sweet affair. Each instalment of ‘Chiaki’s Journey’ comes in at around a minute long.

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The titular Chiaki is described as a “young driving protégé” developing her talent under her uncle Noburu providing guidence. Chiaki has to go up against her arch-rival Erich Kang, and thankfully has the right (and on-brand) tool for the job - an Acura NSX Type S. Also appearing is the MDX Type S SUV, and the four-door TLX Type S.

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The recently revealed all-new Integra makes a cameo appearance, as does a DC2 Integra. Chiaki wearing a DC2 T-shirt in one episode is a neat touch, too.

We have some action on a private mountain road (a car brand can’t exactly condone street racing), and a finale on the Long Beach circuit used for an Indycar event Acura just so happens to sponsor. We’re ticking all the corporate boxes, here.

Due to the brief nature of the series, we’re left wanting more, but with online reception to the anime seeming very positive on the whole, perhaps Acura will be convinced to release further (and hopefully longer) episodes in the future.

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They’re trying so hard to make the new ‘Integra’ to be liked, that is lame at this point.

01/21/2022 - 19:12 |
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Yusuf Ashari

In reply to by B-To

the integra was dead long ago, like in 2005.

01/27/2022 - 04:20 |
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