Honda NSX Bows Out With New Type S Version

The Type S version will be the swansong for the NSX, and only 350 will be made. Will you be sad to see Honda’s hybrid supercar go?
Honda NSX Bows Out With New Type S Version

The Honda NSX was the original everyday supercar, and a pretty big departure from the Jazz, Civic and HR-V. It returned after an 11-year hiatus as a hybrid but, despite gorgeous styling and nearly 600bhp, it never really attracted the buyers like the Ferrari 488 and McLaren 570S.

Honda (or Acura, depending on where you’re reading this) is set to reveal a new NSX Type S later this month, which may well be the car’s final edition. Acura has confirmed that NSX production will end in 2022. A few images have been teased, and we’ve made them a little lighter so it’s possible to see what’s changed.

Honda NSX Bows Out With New Type S Version

It seems most of the alterations will happen around the back. There’ll be a much more aggressive diffuser straddling the large central exhausts, and a new spoiler resting on the bootlid that looks like it could be finished in carbon fibre. While it’s not completely clear, it looks like the front end has been tweaked too, so the Type S is in line to get a fully reworked aero package.

That should mean it’ll be faster through the corners than the standard NSX, while an “enhanced” engine has also been confirmed. Acura hasn’t given much more detail than that, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the Type S will get more power than the standard variant. The original NSX Type S didn’t get a power increase, but got a few weight-saving features plus uprated suspension.

Honda NSX Bows Out With New Type S Version

Still, even the standard engine is impressive. The mid-mounted twin-turbo V6 hybrid produces 573bhp and enables a 0-62mph time of just 2.9 seconds. Two point nine! A 191mph top speed is available if you’ve got somewhere long enough to properly stretch its legs.

We expect the Type S to be a more appealing car than the standard Acura NSX, and a pricier one too. But that’s to be expected from what’s thought to be a swansong model. 350 will be made, with 300 heading to the US market where the NSX is built. It’ll be the first time an NSX Type S has been available outside of Japan.

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While the current NSX will bow out next year, it seems that Honda/Acura is already planning its successor. The company promises to “pursue sports cars in the electrified era”, suggesting that a future NSX may be a plug-in hybrid or fully electric car.

What do you think of the Honda NSX Type S? Tell us in the comments.



It’s a hybrid, so who cares about that junk…

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Some of the fastest cars on sale are hybrids

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