6 Astonishing Facts About The Tesla Model X

Tesla's crossover has at last had its proper reveal, so we're looking at the technical aspects of the car that impress us the most
6 Astonishing Facts About The Tesla Model X

1. It's quicker to 60mph than a McLaren F1

6 Astonishing Facts About The Tesla Model X

Get the P90D with Ludicrous mode, and you’ll be able to go from 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds, and top out at 155mph. A little way off the 2.8sec time the Ludicrous-enabled Model S manages, but still flipping quick. It’s all thanks to a total power output of 751bhp (255bhp from the front motor and 496bhp from the rear) plus 713b ft of torque, which helps offset the hefty 2468kg weight figure.

Even without Ludicrous mode turned on, the Tesla crossover will do the benchmark sprint in 3.8 seconds, while the base-spec P90D does the same in 4.8 seconds, all on electricity. Free electricity, if you’ve a supercharger nearby. The range meanwhile is 250 miles.

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Far from being a pointless gimmick, Elon Musk has insisted that the Model X’s gullwing-style doors are all about improving access. And there’s none of the tight parking spot drawbacks you get with regular gullwings, as you can see here.

What’s the best car to be in if you want to survive a bio terror attack? The Model X, of course. Putting the car into ‘bio defence mode’ increases the effectiveness of the HEPA air filter, allowing "medical-grade air to fill the cabin, no matter what is going on outside." It’s so good, it’ll apparently stop pathogens from a wide variety of biological weapons. Handy, no?

4. In side impact tests, it destroyed the pole it crashed into

6 Astonishing Facts About The Tesla Model X

In the safety stakes, the Model X could well give the Volvo XC90 - quite possibly the safest car on sale - a run for its money. Not having an engine under the bonnet gives the Model X a much more effective crumple zone than conventional cars, but it’s also proven stupidly strong in side impact tests. In fact, it broke the pole it was launched into.

5. It has the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV

6 Astonishing Facts About The Tesla Model X

0.24Cd, in case you were wondering. And while we’re on the subject of all things aero, the Model X also comes with an active spoiler that’s able to move into three different positions.

6. It can tow more weight than any over EV

6 Astonishing Facts About The Tesla Model X

If you’re likely to be towing a trailer at some point, or - god forbid - a caravan, you’re well sorted with the Model X. It has a towing capacity of 2276kg, more than any other electric vehicle.

It’s not going to be that cheap. No base price has been announced yet (we previous reported it to be around $133,000, but that’s actually how much you’ll pay for the specced-out Signature version), but Musk did state that it would be around $5000 more than the equivalent Model S. For an affordable entry into Tesla life, you’ll need to hold out for the Model 3, but if you’re rather well off, order books are open now. UK pricing hasn’t yet been revealed, but Tesla UK says that deliveries on our shores are expected to happen in 2016.


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