Alfa Romeo's High US Giulia Quadrifoglio Pricing Makes The BMW M4 Look Cheap

Not a company known for its shy and retiring ways, Alfa has once again proved that no damns are given by pricing its new Giulia super-saloon way above the M4. Let battle commence...

This Lifted BMW 650i Is Our Kind Of Rally Car

Driver Andreas Aigner demonstrates why V8 rear-wheel drive rally cars are awesome at the 2016 Rallyshow Santa Domenica

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Despite being shown a blue flag, this 675LT driver refused to let a faster driving BMW 135i through

Volkswagen Is Hunting BMW And Mercedes With A New Premium Four-Door Coupe

In an unusual move for a German brand, Volkswagen has released a fairly detailed teaser design drawing three months ahead of its motor show debut

5 Awesome Used Cars You Can Buy For The Price Of A Single BMW M2

The BMW M2 is an exceptional performer, but for its current sticker price you could have a neat-o fleet of fun rides

Australian Police Department Adds BMW i8 To Its Fleet

Police in Sydney have a new toy to play with in the form of an i8, but it won't be involved in any high-speed pursuits

Bulletproof BMW Helps Iraqi Man Save 70 People From Snipers

However awesome a friend you think you are, prepare to take a step back. One man in Iraq is saving people's lives in the midst of Islamic State sniper fire by using an old bulletproof BMW

A BMW M240i Is Faster Than An M2 In This Speed Comparison

The new M240i has closed the performance gap to the full-fat M2 considerably, and in this speed comparison, the 'lesser' car actually wins the day...

Busy Touristenfahrten Traffic Didn't Stop This BMW M3 Driver Pulling Off A Huge Drift

A busy Nordschleife probably isn't the best place for sideways tomfoolery, but we can't help but be impressed but this powersliding supercharged E90 M3...

This BMW Driver Overestimated His Drifting Skills When Leaving A Car Meet

People still haven't learned how to leave a car meet sensibly, as proven by this BMW 2-series driver who overestimates his drifting skills when leaving an Ultimate Stance meet this weekend

Three Men Use A Rock, Screwdriver And Axe To Break A BMW Window, But Fail

What looks like a classic case of keys-locked-inside-car, three men attempt to break a BMW's rear door window to gain access. But try as they might, the glass refuses to give in!