This Be-Winged BMW M8 Is The New MotoGP Safety Car

The latest machine in a long line of BMW-supplied MotoGP safety cars has arrived, and it's based on the M8 Competition

BMW Has Reportedly Already Decided Not To Replace The New Z4

A report in US motoring media suggests that BMW has already decided that the new Z4 can’t be profitable enough, and that the German firm has already decided not to pursue a replacement

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Aussie criminals should be rather worried, as Victoria Police has been loaned a BMW M5 Competition for a year

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The latest version of BMW's X6 'Sport Activity Coupe' has illuminated kidney grilles on the options menu, just in case you want to lower the subtlety levels any further

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BMW's all-new 'G20' 3-series has spawned an estate version, which is good for 369bhp in M340i form

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Despite being a circa-two tonne behemoth, the M8's is incredibly quick off the line. Score one for modern AWD systems!