F80 BMW M3 To Be Killed Off Early Thanks To New Emissions Test

'WLTP' has forced BMW's hand, with the German manufacturer having to cull the current M3 sooner than planned

Volkswagen, BMW And Daimler Funded Emissions Testing On Monkeys

Volkswagen has been forced to apologise after revelations that one of its cars was used for testing diesel emissions on monkeys, as part of experiments funded by the German 'big three'

Fill Your Ears With The Throaty V8 Roar Of The New BMW 8-Series

BMW has released footage of the all-new 8-series undergoing testing in Italy, and we like what we see and hear

The LAPD's 100-Strong BMW i3 Fleet Has Hardly Been Touched

A CBS report has found that some cars from the force's $10 million fleet have averaged as little six miles a week, while others have been used for personal errands

Hellish Depreciation Makes BMW i3s And i8s Incredible Bargains

With just a few years and not many miles under their wheels, BMW's two i-cars are showing the kind of depreciation that would make a millionaire weep

BMW North America Is Charging Subscription Fees For Apple CarPlay

You know Apple CarPlay? The iOS-compatible smartphone interface that's included on loads of cars for free? BMW has decided it wants you to pay an annual fee for it

BMW Is Not Developing Replacements For The i8 And i3

With the two quirky i-cars having served their purpose to show what's possible, BMW is planning a more mainstream future for its i engineers

This BMW V10-Engined Toyota GT86 Is A Jaw-Dropping Project Build

We're often impressed by working GT86 conversions featuring straight-sixes and small-block V8s, but thisM5 V10 conversion is in another league

BMW Releases Nail-Biting Footage Of Its Mid-Drift Refuelling Efforts

BMW has well and truly smashed the world record for the longest ever drift, but it's the scary car-to-car refuelling that steals the show

Here's How You Refuel A BMW M5 In The Middle Of A Drift

So it can snag the record for the world's longest drift, BMW will have to use unconventional methods to keep an M5 fuelled...

Audi Wants To Make A BMW 8 Series Rival, But Not Yet

With both of its key German rivals now set to offer a large, two-door coupe option, Audi is standing firm on its decision not to go there... yet

Ultra-Rare BMW M3 And M4 Special Editions Announced... For Japan

Japan isn't the most obvious place for BMW to launch a 30-unit special edition run of its M3 and M4, but that won't stop us checking out the rather lovely M Heat Edition

Investment Pieces Don't Get Better Than This Pristine E36 M3 Evo

Immaculate Techno Violet paint, an almost unmarked grey leather interior and all the goodies that came with the awesome M3 Evo? That sounds dangerously like the perfect investment, to us

The Production BMW X7's Kidney Grilles Are As Hilariously Big As The Concept's

Official pics of the new X7 show that the new SUV's kidney grille game is as hilariously strong as the concept car's