The New BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe Has Appeared In Leaked Photos

The four-door Gran Coupe version of BMW's 8-series has been given an early debut via some leaked images

The New G21 BMW 3-Series Touring Is The Chief Anti-SUV

BMW's all-new 'G20' 3-series has spawned an estate version, which is good for 369bhp in M340i form

Here's The New BMW M8 Festooned With M Performance Parts

BMW has already revealed a whole host of M Performance bits and pieces for its new M8 super coupe

8 Cars The New BMW M8 Competition Can Beat To 62mph

Despite being a circa-two tonne behemoth, the M8's is incredibly quick off the line. Score one for modern AWD systems!

Here's The Next BMW M3 Making Angry Straight-Six Noises At The 'Ring

The BMW 'G80' M3 has been spotted during a Nurburgring industry pool testing session, making a particularly furious noise

This BMW M135i Has Been Attacked By The M Performance Parts Catalogue

BMW has already revealed a full range of M Performance parts for its new front/four-wheel drive 1-series

The Wider, Taller And FWD BMW 1-Series Has Arrived

BMW has officially launched the lighter, marginally shorter and now front-wheel drive 1-series – with claims that it handles better than the last one

BMW Has Launched 523bhp Versions Of The X5 And X7 SUVs

As we all know, the solution to the SUV quandary is simply to add more power, and BMW has done exactly that with two new high-output leviathans

The BMW M5 Edition 35 Years Is A 616bhp Birthday Present

BMW has revealed a special anniversary version of the M5, based on the more powerful Competition version of the car

The New BMW M8 Will Have Selectable Brake Modes

The range-topping, M Division version of the 8-series will let drivers configure - among other things settings for the brakes

BMW 2002-Based Road-Legal Racer With 800bhp V10 Planned

Newly established Gruppe5 Motorsport wants to create "one of the world's fastest street-legal GT class cars"