My £950 BMW Z3 Project Car Has Turned Me Into A Petrolhead

As CT's resident non-car person, the thought of taking on a project was daunting, but it's been a great ride, and I finally get the whole petrolhead thing

This Outwardly Normal BMW E92 M3 Is Packing A 2JZ

A peruse of the classifieds turned up something particularly unusual today - a 2JZ-GTE-swapped E92 M3

The BMW Concept CE 02 Is A Motorbike For The Future With A Skateboard Foot Rest

BMW Motorrad has created what it calls "a new interpretation of smart, urban single-track mobility"

The S65-Engined SVE Oletha Is (Sort Of) The Z8 Coupe BMW Never Made

A company called Smit Vehicle Engineering has given an old Z4 coupe a new Z8-like body along with E92 M3 GTS power

3 Months With A BMW M340d Confirmed It's The Best Car On Sale

After a few months with arguably the best new car on sale, I'm reflecting on M340d 'ownership'

I Bought A Stupidly Rare Manual BMW X5, And It's A Far Better Car Than I'd Anticipated

When I found out a manual version of the E53 X5 existed, I knew I had to have one. What I wasn't expecting was genuinely decent dynamics

The New BMW M4 Looks Like A Handful During The Infamous Moose Test

Spanish publication Km77 put the new M4 Competition through a moose test, something the M car struggled with

This Supercharged BMW 330i Is A Less Obvious Way To Go Fast In An E46

An extensively modified E46 330i has come up for online auction in the US, featuring an ESS supercharger kit

G-Power’s BMW M8 Brings All Of The Power And Absolutely No Subtlety

Bright orange G-Power G8M Hurricane RR packs 875bhp with a 211mph limited top speed

BMW G80 M3 Vs M340d: The Precision Tool Vs The All-Rounder

With both of these cars ending up together on one of our video shoots, we couldn't resist comparing them

BMW Was Secretly Doing The Big Grille Thing Way Back In 1996

Designed by the man behind the E36 3-series, this never before seen concept was intended to preview the 7-series' future

This R56 MINI Cooper S Is Hiding A 414bhp M3 V8 And Subaru Subframes

The cosmetic upgrades may be relatively subtle, but this MINI boasts some big and exciting mechanical changes

'G42' BMW M240i Arrives With AWD, A 369bhp I6 And A Sensibly-Sized Grille

The all-new 2-series is here on a rear-wheel drive platform, but the range-topping M240i is rear-drive only

Meet The Tatty E36 BMW M3 Lightweight That's Spent Its Life Testing Tyres For Michelin

Based at Michelin's Laurens Proving Grounds, this M3 clocked the vast majority of its miles on track, yet it's still a gem to drive

The Sub-£50k BMW M850i Is Already A Thing

A steep initial depreciation curve means it's already possible to buy a V8 G15 8-series for less than half its new price