The BMW X3M And X4M Are Here With 503bhp Straight-Sixes

BMW has revealed full fat M Division versions of the X3 and X4, each of which squeezes 503bhp from an inline-six in Competition guise

This Is The Last Six-Cylinder, Rear-Wheel Drive BMW 1-Series

As the fun police continue their march across the automotive globe, the last six-shooter in BMW’s compact hatchback has reached the end of the line

A 661bhp BMW M850i Is Coming And God Bless The Tuning Industry

German tuner G-Power would normally wait until a full-blown M-version of a car emerges before tuning it to the extreme, but not this time…

Old Enemies BMW And Mercedes Could Build Cars Together

Two of Germany’s biggest car makers are exploring options for shared platforms to cut costs and free up cash for autonomous car tech

Next BMW M3 To Be Available In Either RWD Or Switchable AWD Forms

Reports suggest that the 2020 BMW M3 will come in both rear and all-wheel drive flavours

Yes, The New BMW 7-Series Really Does Have A Grille This Big

BMW has updated the super-comfortable 7-series with new cutting-edge tech and a larger grille that, well, draws the eye

I've Started Looking At BMW E30s Again: Please Send Help

The BMW E30 is one of my favourite cars ever, and I've started looking at buying a Touring, despite no money nor space. Please send help!

This Company Will Turn Your BMW 1-Series In A 2002 Homage

The ETA 02 Cabrio from Everytimer Automobile is an E88 135i Cabriolet-based 2002 homage, but is it a retro conversion too far?

This Time Warp BMW E30 Has Everything Going For It Except The £60k Price

It's often said that a car is worth what people are willing to pay, but asking £60,000 for a non-M3 BMW E30 is probably a step too far...

The Facelifted BMW 7-Series And Its Giant Kidney Grilles Have Been Leaked

Configurator images of the updated 7-series have been leaked, and it looks to have gained the same size kidney grilles as the X7

This Is The Long Wheelbase G20 BMW 3-Series You Can't Buy

The Chinese-built 3-series LWB has been revealed, but it won't be available outside the country

3 Tempting E46 BMW 330i Options From Just £700

If you have a hankering for a 200bhp+ six-cylinder E46 3-Series, you need a 330i, and prices for project cars start at just £700 – or less

Here's What Happens When A BMW M3 CSL Drag Races A B5 Audi RS4

This new drag race from Car Wow sees two performance car heroes of the early 2000s face-off