You Can Now Spend Over £100k On A BMW M3/M4 Competition

BMW's new mid-sized M cars are on sale now from £74,755, and if you get carried away, that figure rises considerably

A New Manual BMW M4 Is Half A Human Heavier Than The Old M4 DCT

BMW has detailed the fat-trimming measures used for the new M4 and released an overall weight figure

BMW iX 'Mocks' E66 7-Series Is Baffling CES Advert

This bizarre advert from BMW depicts its iX as a smug youngster and the E66 7-series as a bitter old man, and we're not sure what the message is supposed to be

BMW Used Lamborghini V10 Noise For M2 Marketing Video, Then Deleted It

In a since-deleted video, BMW USA's Instagram page used what sounds like Lamborghini V10 engine noise over clips of an M2

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The Toyota GR Supra Has Been Recalled By BMW Again, This Time For A Fire Risk

The latest BMW Z4/GR Supra recall involves faulty fuel tank welds, although only a small number of units are affected

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A BMW M1 With An Official Procar Bodykit Is About To Be Auctioned

This M1 road car was modified by BMW Motorsport at the behest of its record producer owner to take on the angrier looks of the race version

Plug-In BMW iX Arrives With 500bhp And A 372-Mile Range

BMW's iNext has been turned into a full production model, with plenty of power and an impressive range

The Aftermarket Has Already Designed A New Face For The BMW M4

Following stinging criticism of the new M4’s grille from just about every quarter outside of Munich, design house Prior-Design has come up with alternatives

The BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe's Main Styling Problem Won't Be THAT Grille

Spy shots of the all-new 4-series Gran Coupe have emerged, and yes, it does have the coupe's front-end arrangement...