Ride Onboard A BMW M4 DTM Car For A Stunning 6min 15sec 'Ring Lap

DTM driver Augusto Farfus took to the Norschleife in a specially-prepared M4 DTM car, clocking a sensational 6min 15sec bridge to gantry lap time

Ambitious Overtake Kills Two BMW E46 M3 Race Cars At The 'Ring

An optimistic overtake on a narrow corner of Nordschleife just before Wehrseifen resulted in two wrecked M3s at last weekend's RCN race

This Guy Crashed At The 'Ring After Sliding On Oil Dropped By A Fellow BMW E36 Driver

What looks like an oil leak from an E36 3-series on the Nordschleife causes several spins, with the main victim ironically being another E36 driver

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Yes, someone really is selling an E36 M3 Evolution for almost £30,000. The worst part is, they're not alone...

Impatient Jerk In A BMW Ends Up In One Of The Dumbest Crashes We've Seen This Year

A BMW 3-series driver in Albany, New York made himself look like a complete chump with this ambitious overtake on a school bus

The Next BMW M5 Will Look Something Like This

As anticipated, it hasn't taken long for people to start rendering the new 5-series as a hot M5. Here's one interpretation from X-Tomi Design

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Following yesterday's leak, BMW has given its new 'G30' 5-series the full reveal treatment. Here's what you need to know...

Get An Early Look At The New BMW 5-Series Thanks To This Leak

Images of BMW's new 'G30' 5-series have surfaced online, revealing a car that takes a lot of inspiration from the current 7-series

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BMW's new electric hatchback has been prematurely revealed thanks to these patent images

Let Us Hold A Minute's Silence For This 'Ring-Wrecked E39 BMW M5

The E39 M5 isn't an endangered species just yet, but regardless, it still hits us right in the feels to see one meet its end on the Nurburgring...

4 Versions Of The BMW M3 You Probably Haven't Heard Of

To coincide with the M3's 30th birthday, BMW has rolled out four unusual variants of the super saloon that never made it past the prototype stage for a little photocall

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Someone’s only gone and restored a 1979 BMW M1 Procar and as you’d expect from such an iconic and rare racing machine, it looks downright beautiful

Watch The Toyota Supra And BMW Z5 Cousins Hit The 'Ring

The new Supra and its BMW-developed cousin have both been seen undergoing testing at the Nurburgring