The KTM X-Bow GTX Is A 600bhp GT2 Racer With An Audi Five-Pot

KTM's latest racer uses Audi's 2.5-litre inline-five turbo engine and is eligible for the FIA's new GT2 class

The Audi R8 Won't Be Killed Off After All, And It's Thanks To The Race Versions

It looks as though the current R8 model will be replaced with an all-new model, most likely sporting an electrified V10

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More Driving Modes For Refreshed Audi RS5 And RS5 Sportback

It’s just what every growing petrolhead wants for Christmas: extra driving modes on the fastest Audi 5, for more customisation and activation at the touch of a button

Our Wheels Won't Get Any Bigger, Audi Design Chief Says

Audi design boss Marc Lichte has said that the company has gone as far as it can when it comes to wheel diameter

The Audi RS Q8 Brings 592bhp And Up To 190mph

Audi hasn’t exactly played it subtly when it came to designing its first RS-badged SUV; with sports car performance figures and so much mass it might pull the moon out of orbit

Abt Has Given The TDI Audi S4 More Power, More Torque And Huge Wheels

The German tuner has turned its hand to the facelifted Audi S4 Avant, freeing extra horsepower and torque from the diesel V6

The Audi RS Q8 Has Just Set A New Nurburgring Record

Audi’s new mega-SUV is now the fastest of its kind around the most famous test facility in the world

There's A New RWD Audi R8, And This Time It's Not A Limited-Edition

The Audi RWS has received a very welcome successor, and it's not production limited