The Three-Door Audi A3 Will Soon Be No More

Thanks to low demand and the pressures of VW Group's post-dieselgate cost-cutting measures, the three-door A3 is set to be culled from the range

Audi, Porsche And Volkswagen Have Recalled 850,000 V6 And V8 Diesels Over Dubious Emissions

The VW Group had previously claimed that its larger diesels were emissions-compliant in Europe, despite failing tests in North America and Australia, but now the company has admitted it needs to modify a whole lot of them

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Is Surprisingly Cheaper Than The BMW X3 And Audi Q5

Alfa Romeo has just released UK pricing details for its first SUV, and it's good news for buyers thanks to prices that undercut the equivalents from the key German rivals

Here's What Happens When A Tesla Model X Drag Races An Audi SQ7

The Audi's 4.0-litre V8 diesel-powered mammoth takes on a the power of electricity...

Spoiler Alert: Audi Sport Performance Parts Make The TT And R8 Even Less Subtle

If you love Audi's performance coupes but feel like they're missing race car looks, Audi Performance Parts has got you covered.

Here's An Audi TT Parked On Two Other Cars For Some Reason

After what we can only (politely) describe as an ill-advised swerve on a narrow street, this Audi somehow ended up on top of two parked vehicles and forced police to close the road

The All-New Audi A8 Makes A NASA Control Room Look Dated

We can now bring you more details of the massively-changed new Audi A8, which has gone wholesale digital on the inside and can drive itself in traffic jams at up to 31mph

Audi Admits Its Performance Stats Are Deliberately Conservative, Suggests 3.7sec 0-62 For RS5

Audi's Head of Technical Development reckons the new RS5 should be good for a 3.7 second 0-62mph time

Yes, The New Audi A8 Will Actually Massage Your Feet

This teaser video shows off one of the Audi A8’s newest features – a foot massager to relieve stress, and, it seems, to relax Spiderman’s enemies before a battle. Whose side is Audi on?

The New Audi A8’s Suspension Is Stupidly Clever

Suspension so clever that it can preempt bumps, stop body roll and even make side impacts safer is the latest of next year's Audi A8's innovations to be showcased ahead of the car's launch

This Three-Way Fast Audi Drag Race Is Consumer Journalism Done Right

Because these things are obviously very important, the staff of Top Gear magazine have raced three very fast Audis so that we as consumers can be better informed when placing our imaginary six-figure salary bonuses

Ill-Timed Lane Change Launches Audi A3 Into Terrifying Rollover Crash

An impatient lane change had surprisingly dramatic and destructive consequences for this A3 driver in Israel