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Dramatic footage shows the moment someone attempted to launch a 720S in Toronto, only to spin out and hit a parked R8

Cars That Can Drop You Off And Park Themselves Are In Testing

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Audi Denies That A V6 Version Of The R8 Is Happening

Just a day after the latest V6 R8 report emerged, an Audi spokesperson has quashed the rumours

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VW Group's quirky 12-cylinder engine won't appear in any Audi products beyond the current A8

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By borrowing Porsche's Mission E platform, Audi has been able to bring forward a four-door electric saloon project to 2020

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Reports emerging after the Geneva Motor Show suggest that Audi isn't planning to build a direct replacement for the current R8

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Audi's latest e-tron prototype is headed for production in mere months, and it's bringing with it a 300-mile-per-charge driving range