It's Amazing No One Died In This Monstrous '200kmh' Audi RS3 Crash

This RS3 driver in Belgium is seen arriving at a T-junction at over 120mph, flying off into the scenery as a consequence

An Audi Quattro Just Sold For A Ridiculous £72k

A relatively low mileage 20v ur-Quattro just fetched a record-breaking sum at auction

Save Weight And Add Spangly Bits With The Audi RS4 And RS5 Carbon Editions

Audi has revealed 'Carbon Editions' for both the RS4 and RS5, yours for £71,625 and £75,400 respectively

A Rear-Wheel Drive Audi R8 Has Cranked The Excitement Up To 11

After decades of making purely four-wheel drive sports cars, Audi has dropped the mic and walked off stage, leaving us gawping at news of a limited-edition rear-driven R8 for the first time ever

This Bargain V6 Audi A3 Has At Least 246 Reasons Why You Should Buy It

The Audi A3 is not a big or heavy car, so the fact that you can get a four-wheel drive one for very little money with a 3.2-litre V6 at the nose should turn your head. Check this out…

Watch The Audi TT RS Give A Nissan GT-R A Serious Run For Its Money

The Nissan GT-R should be able to demolish a TT RS in a drag race, but that's not how this straight-line battle from Top Gear plays out...

Stephen Winkleman Will Leave Audi Sport, Headed For Bugatti

After little over a year heading up Audi's performance division, Winkelman is reportedly set to depart for Bugatti

Why Isn't This Stunning, Original Audi Quattro More Expensive?

This fabulous 32,000-mile Quattro has an auction estimate of what seems like a relatively affordable £35,000, so surely this is a foolproof investment?

Prepare For Confusion: Audi Is Bringing In A New Two Digit Naming System

Most Audi models will be given two extra digits in their name to represent powertrain output

Volkswagen Caught Testing A Hot, Audi RS-Powered Tiguan At The 'Ring

It's Nürburgring shakedown time for the new Volkswagen Tiguan R, which uses Audi's five-cylinder TT-RS engine

Watch An Audi RS3 Annihilate Most Of Its Rivals In Two Drag Races

Audi's inline-five megahatch takes on an A45, Focus RS, Civic Type R and Golf R in two straight-line battles, and easily defeats the lot

The Three-Door Audi A3 Will Soon Be No More

Thanks to low demand and the pressures of VW Group's post-dieselgate cost-cutting measures, the three-door A3 is set to be culled from the range

Audi, Porsche And Volkswagen Have Recalled 850,000 V6 And V8 Diesels Over Dubious Emissions

The VW Group had previously claimed that its larger diesels were emissions-compliant in Europe, despite failing tests in North America and Australia, but now the company has admitted it needs to modify a whole lot of them