Centrifugal Clutch - Explained



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Robert Durbin

In my mind centrifugal only relates to fluid mechanical devices. Wouldn’t the right physical term for rotating mechanical forces be centripital?

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I think you’re confusing things here. Centripital force: a force that pushes to the centre of a circular motion; centrifugal: pushes to the outside (in this case, the clutch shoes)

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this video couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. the V-Belt on my moped ripped apart yesterday, i cleaned the aftermath an hour ago and took a look at the variomatik transmission, i guess i have the same clutch you speak about.
the idea behind it is genius, thing is, you can’t apply it to cars and expect them to work properly and be reliable.

04/15/2015 - 17:26 |
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Scooters (or mopeds, however you want it) do use this kind of clutch indeed. It’s pretty reliable with a stock low-power scooter engine, however, as soon as you start giving it more power, it start going to hell (the clutch shoes get really worn out), so you need a much more expensive clutch that can bite better so it doesn’t wear as quickly.

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Why are these no longer in use? I know Citroen 2cv’s had them installed.
My line of thought is that holding the clutch at the lights, or shfting out of gear wouldn’t be necessary if there was a clutch like this one, working in combination with a normal one.

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They get worn rather quickly with higher power engines. The stock clutch on my scooter couldn’t handle it when I got it pushing 10hp so…

04/15/2015 - 18:49 |
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Ricardo Mercio

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There’s a company called Rekluse that still makes a type of centrifugal clutch for performance motorcycles, my college’s baja racing team is planning to use one to prevent stalling, but do keep in mind this is a 300lb buggy with a 14hp engine.

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Engineering Explained

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You did well.

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thats what engineering does to ya…

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