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Formula 1

Watch The McLaren Team Totally Botch A Pit Stop During F1 Testing

McLaren totally messed up a practice pit stop during the second F1 test when a wheel was put on the wrong way around, followed up by another stop during which a car was dropped off the jack

Remind me later

During F1 testing you expect to see teams encounter a few issues as they work out various teething problems with the new cars. McLaren has had more issues than most so far, even though it’s switched the troublesome Honda engines for Renault units. There was no blaming engines with this embarrassing pit stop fail though, which sees a mechanic put a wheel on the wrong way around, much to the apparent amusement of the rear jack man.

Teams undergo thousands of practice pit stops in order to shave off every last vital fraction of a second, so the odd slip up is inevitable, right? Well, the following day McLaren had another nightmare as the car dropped off the rear jack.

At least it’s only happening in testing, but there’s clearly still plenty more work to do for McLaren in the weeks before the first race, which takes place in Melbourne on 25 March.