Watch A Plucky BMW 135i Give A McLaren 675LT Some Real Hassle On Track

Despite being shown a blue flag, this 675LT driver refused to let a faster driving BMW 135i through

Remind me later

This 135i may have had a bunch of new parts thrown its way - including a Quaife LSD and bits of M3 in the suspension - but it’s still a relatively heavy BMW coupe with half the power of the 666bhp McLaren 675LT.

Regardless, with some committed driving, he’s able to give the 675 up ahead some real bother in the corners (the McLaren is actually shown the blue flag at one point), before helplessly watching it power away on the straights. Eventually, he is let past by supercar.

But don’t be too down on the 675LT driver: taking a hugely expensive, one of 500 car on track - even if that’s its intended stomping ground - takes balls, so we can forgive them for being a little tentative in the corners.

Video via Car Scoops