Doug DeMuro profile picture Doug DeMuro 7 years ago
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Help Me Choose My Next Car!

Hello, humans of CarThrottle!

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last few months writing about – and making mediocre YouTube videos with – my Hummer and my Nissan Skyline GT-R. Now that I’ve sold them, it’s time for you to help me choose a new car to write about next year.

You can check out my criteria over on my Jalopnik column or in my YouTube video above, but I’m going to list the rules here, too. I’ll be paying attention to suggestions from CarThrottle users, and they’ll be going on my master list of car ideas that I’ll choose from.

  1. Budget. The car shouldn’t cost more than $60,000, or maybe $65,000 for the perfect car.

  2. Interest. I cannot stress this point enough: This car has to be something that you’re interested in hearing about for a while. The Hummer seemed to captivate everyone’s interest, week in and week out, for almost a year. On the other hand, some people complained a little about the Skyline. So before you send in your suggestion, ask yourself: Is this something I want to hear about for a year?

  3. Cost. Although I’ve already covered the budget, cost is almost more important: the car cannot lose an insane amount of value over the next year. What I mean by this is, I cannot buy the car today for $50,000 and sell it in a year for $19,500 – that’s too expensive. Sadly, this rule eliminates virtually all new cars.

With these rules in mind, start suggesting some cars here on CarThrottle, on Twitter, or just about anywhere else you can find me! What do you want to hear about for the next year??