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Video: You F**king Sell Tyres, You Should Know This!

Fact: mobile tyre fitting vehicles should wear decent rubber. So what went wrong here?

Seeing your mobile tyre fitter arrive at the scene sideways won't fill you with confidence. Which is why these chaps chose to whip out a camera to record the antics of this Firestone-branded pick-up during a hail storm. What ensues is some worrying 'slideways' footage and some cracking commentary! "What the f**k is this guy doing? We're not in a drift sector!" is our favourite. Speaking of which, if anyone knows what a 'drift sector' is, we'd love to know...


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Testing Tesla's Autopilot System At 70mph

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This is my 2004 FPV F6 Typhoon 6 speed manual. it has a 4 litre inline six twin cam turbocharged engine. After years of owning a hot hatch i wanted something a little different. So after test driving the Typhoon I was instantly hooked!

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Today's community question: what's the best 'quirky' Nurburgring lap you've ever seen?

AX diesel Nurburgring record lap 9:55 BTG

YouTube / Nic BTG

My favourite is this awesome effort from a Citroen AX diesel driver, who manage to clock an astonishing 9:55 BTG lap.