Tom Harrison 6 years ago 0

Usain Bolt Crashes His BMW M3. Again.

Remind me later
Double Olympic sprinting champ’ Usain Bolt really enjoys breaking records. And, it seems, BMW M3s. That’s right, M3s. For the second time in three years, Bolt has stuffed £55,000 worth of Bavaria’s finest. Reportedly, Bolt, who’s more or less a superstar in his native Jamaica, was heading home from a party in the small hours when he plowed into a guardrail in Kingston, the country’s capital. No other vehicles are believed to have been involved in the “minor” incident. Bolt was uninjured in what his publicist would later call the “fender-bender” - as was his friend and fellow sprinter Asafa Powell, who was travelling in a separate car nearby. Jamaican Police have said that Bolt could face charges as a result of the accident even though he passed a road-side breathalyzer test. Were Bolt to be charged with driving without due care and attention or even dangerous driving, he’d be liable for anything up to a J$5,000 fine. Sounds like a lot, right? At today’s exchange rate, J$5,000  is equal to nearly £37. The horror... Bolt’s last “fender-bender” happened in 2009 on a deserted stretch of Jamaican highway. He lost control of the 414bhp, rear-drive BMW, rolling it into a nearby ditch. Despite the car’s condition, Bolt suffered only from abrasions to his feet. He’d been driving barefoot, and had trodden on some thorns as he was scrambling from the wreckage. If Bolt continues crashing M3s apace, there's only one option. Force him to drive something awful. Every M3 written-off is a tragedy, yet every Morris Marina destroyed is a cause for celebration. Are you listening, Mr Bolt's sponsors? Make it so.